What should I buy?

I almost have 100 Echoes. I want something that is useful for a long time. Any suggestion xDD?

Wait until you have 115 and buy an Exceptional Hat.

It has a good Watchful now and can be cashed in for something better later.

Pair of Masterwork Dancing Slipper or a Sneak Theif’s Mask are good purchases too. The slippers are the best persuasive shoes, and the mask the best shadowy hat outside of fate lock stuff and moods.

Consider Dazed Raven Advisor - three of them, actually. It has a card with rather significant profit on a success and you can also upgrade it into shadowy and watchful versions (hence three). Though final upgrades are rather costly, first ones require only a blackmail material (for shadowy) and an antique mystery(for watchful) and produce +5 pets.
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The faction items are also useful, if you want to start turning favors into renown.

An item that gives a point of Bizarre, Respectable or Dreaded when equipped is immensely useful to make it easier to increase Making Waves (and thus Notability). You may want to consider saving your money until you have over 400 Echoes and then buy an item (like the Lenguals, found int he glove section) or a petpanion (like the Bengal Tigress) that will give you a point of one of those qualities.

For you in particular, move to a 3 card lodging! The townhouse has a lot more long term uses, but is more expensive. Of the others, avoid the bookshop. The Flophouse or rooftop shack are pretty good.

Given that you are this early in the game (and quite wealthy then!) I wouldn’t spend money on BDR or Faction items yet.

Thanks for the answer!

In the end I bought a ratskin suit to go with my bowler hat xDD

[quote=Sandi Gummy]Thanks for the answer!

In the end I bought a ratskin suit to go with my bowler hat xDD[/quote]

An excellent investment. The suit is the best shadowy clothing in the game and rather stylish. My character still uses it on a regular bases to do… totally… legal things that are in no way nefarious.

…Interesting. I have 2600 echoes, so I wouldn’t possibly know how to wisely use just 100. I’d probably buy a whole bunch of items to convert.

next time you have a nice echo stockpile, the sneak-theif’s mask is the best hat for stealth echoes can buy, and it’s less than 30 echoes. The same is true for the iron hat and spider-chitin gauntlets for dangerous. Don’t forget, you can always swap gear for a specific challenge- the only stuff it actually is beneficial to have all stats high at once are the stat-based card draws.