what progress gets lost when you set sail?

The ‘set sail’ option warns me I’ll lose progress in my current endeavors. Will I lose my dreams and my progress chasing Jack? Or just the ones it listed?

Your dreams will be untouched – you won’t have any while you’re at Zee, but you can pick up right where you left off when you get back to London. Um… where are you chasing Jack, in Watchmaker’s Hill with a Running Battle tally, or in Ladybones Road for the Velocipede Squad?
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Chasing jack I was refering to my work on the velocipede squad. I’m also worried about my ‘counting the days’ cause that takes forever to build up to get another mark of credit. My ‘marked by the eater of chains’ story is pretty far along too… and there are a lot of other stories that just seem… dead in the water? I can’t remember the last time I advanced my Knife and Candle umpireship (never did figure out how to join the game proper) or made any progress on the reliables list.

Some of the stories (like the labarynth of tigers breeding program) seem to require zea travel to progress. I think the same with the jack story right now.

Story progress on things like Chasing Jack or Breeding Tigers doesn’t reset. Only item converting progress like Dramatic Tension, Investigation and the like reset. Storylet progress on things like A Pocketful of Loose Change or Someone is Coming remain the same.

From what I recall, the only “important” qualities (that is, qualities that may represent significant investment) that get reset are Dramatic Tension and Casing (from the Big One/Thefts of Particular Character in the Flit). Oh, and probably Talk of the Town.

Talk of the town? Darn… and that’s not something I know what it’s for ether. I’ll be sure to spend all my casing and things beforehand. I’ve got lots of loose change and someone’s coming, but I can never seem to spend that faster than I build it up so it’s not really important, is it?

thanks for the help

I know for certain that ‘making progress in Wilmot’s end’ does NOT reset, alongside A pocketful of loose change/CtD and Someone’s coming. Otherwise Dramatic Tension, Term passing (also time passing in the labyrinth?), investigating, fascinating, inspired, seeking/running battle/casing and those (I’m not sure about The Hunt is on).
Generally, you should be wary about the qualities under progress on the Me tab, not the rest.

Yeah, qualities under the Progress tab, with a couple exceptions. The exceptions I know of are Someone is Coming and A Pocketful of Loose Change- there are options to increase both of those while abroad and cash them when you return to London. (whereas places that use Investigating, Fascinating, and the like are self-contained areas where you can gain+spend the quality.)