What profession do you have? - An informal poll

I’m currently happy as a Correspondent and looking forward to what comes next in my career when that content is finally implemented, but I find myself curious as to what profession everyone else is currently pursuing. I’d love to know which ones are the most popular with people and why (The equipment? The rewards? The lore?). Aside from answering the poll, please feel free to share which path you’re on, as well as why you’ve decide to pursue it.

I’ve got one of each! :D

… one on each path, I mean. Well, except for the minor professions.

I started playing Cora with the intention of going from Journalist to Correspondent, but I decided for roleplaying reasons that I would make her a Notary, at least in the short term. I miss getting Nights on the Town every week, but the sweet, sweet cash makes up for it. The other major hit I take is not having a good Persuasive weapon until the 40 Renown ones.

Ronald is a Rat-Catcher. As a Vake Hunter I felt that he should be a tough guy, and he sided with the Last Constable so it would take longer for him to become an Enforcer. The Strong-Backed Labour every week is going to be a huge help for PoSI crafting, and it’s never bad to have a steady trickle of Rostygold.

Up until recently, I used to be one of Neath’s foremost Correspondents. Nevertheless, having achieved Courier’s Footprint and reached the pinnacle of combustible erudition years ago, I set my sights to a new and intriguing field, to wit, oneironautic exploration. With the Arbor content, several dream-oriented Exceptional stories and last year’s Hallowmas focusing on the Red-Handed Queen, times seemed far too opportune to resist delving into the mysteries of Fingerkings, Glassmen and Parabola…

Glassman path, because “campaigner” was a super in-character choice for the main character, and while “monster hunter” was a good end-point for her, it’s starting path of ‘rat-catcher’ didn’t fit well with her at ALL.

Caroline went Minor Poet → Journalist → Author → Correspondent. The only point I hesitated on was Author to Correspondent, as Author suited her very well. I have debated moving to Notary. We shall see.

Not long ago, I just changed my career from Notary to Correspondent, this is for weekly Antique Mysteries. (Other properties than my watchful property value are a bit low, which is not enough to make me into other advanced occupations.) I went to Notary for Christmas. If the Glassman profession has cool new options in the next update, I would love to be a Glassman.

My character, like myself, is very oriented toward writing and scholarship. So it was natural for her to study the Correspondence, to become an Author, and ultimately a Correspondent.

Currently Midnighter, but considering changing it since the home comfort isn’t especially useful now.

Monster-hunter at the moment, because what can I say, the harpoon appealed. But Meradine has been around the houses profession-wise and tried out several others depending on the goodies and favours to be had weekly. She was a trickster/crooked cross via the Urchins route for a while and is contemplating a further change in the future.

I’ve been a Crooked Cross, changed to being a Midnighter and now a Glassman. Testing out professions is so nice in Fallen London.

Midnight et and still using the Home Comfort in pursuit of notability. Thinking about Monster Hunter because the harpoon also appeals to me.

I just switched from Midnighter to Notary for the 12 Days of Mr. Sacks to get +1 Connected: Masters.

Jolanda switeched, very hesitantly, to Correspondent after having been an Author for years. Still pretty sure she would have been happier as an Author (and I would have preferred the Bohemian favor and Nights in Town over Antique Mysteries). But I did really want a change, and some lore scraps, so Corresponding she went.

Right now, Baruch Blake is a Doctor. For most of his time, he was a midnighter, but for the time being he wanted to distance himself from the intrigues of the Bazaar to better appreciate the little things and to be able to spend his time with his last Noman.

Or it might be just another ploy. One does not get away from the Game, they preach.

Tintinnabulum is a Midnighter, Coriola a Monster-Hunter, Hamish (who only just became a POSI today) an Enforcer but will eventually move up that ladder. All of them are in-character choices (though the respective tier 3 items certainly don’t hurt). Tintinnabulum might switch soon, for reasons similar to Baruch Blake above (other than the Noman-- he has one, but it’s a pain in the neck) but also because I kinda want to see what some other professions are about.
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