What options do I have as a POSI?

I have, after months of toil, finally become a Person of some interest.
What are the best storylines for me to follow for now? (I have been kicked out of the university so that is one option for me)

You might want to post your stats so people can tell you stories of appropriate difficulty.

To get back into the University you will need to get a ship and go on a voyage of scientific discovery.

Other POSI things
join a club; get some transport; become a member of God’s Editors; publish a newspaper; get a library, gymnasium and gang of hoodlums.

Of course all these depend on stats and resources. Have fun :)

As far at stats go i have dangerous and shadowy in the mid 80’s (base - can go much higher with items) watchful base 112 and persuasive much higher at base 132.

Niw that you are a POSI, many avenues are open to you, as the others have mentioned. God’s Editor’s is very useful as its stats greatly reduce the amount of Making Waves needed to gain NOtability. I’d also recommend that you start looking into the very long and pricy process of acquiring your own ship. There are many stories out at Zee that are completely impossible to touch without them.

If you want to get a ship (which you should), cash in the Rainbow of Offerings storylet with the master thief option, and then get a tramp steamer (the others are ridiculously expensive and don’t add much, and you can upgrade later). That’ll cover most of the cost.

Pretty much every ambition requires a ship at some point (technically I think you can do hearts desire without one, but that requires spending a bunch of dream qualities).

You also obviously will need a ship to do the scientific voyages.

You can buy a ship and begin zailing, start a war with assassins, join the velocipde squad as well as grind making waves for notability.

imho, buying a ship and zailing around is the most fun and profitable (in terms of echos and story) thing or things to do after you become POSI.

and you don’t want to start playing the notability game until you’ve bought all the extended inventory items that increase BDR… IF you really really want to play THAT game anyway… implications implications… damning implications.

Do that first. Noone should stay in that smokehole when the air is SO much fresher out there.