What one wants to see next?

What mysteries or adventures of the Neath do people want to explore but yet lack the stories to do so? I rather enjoyed the Cheesemonger experience and would relish another chance to take part in the Great Game. (I’m meaning something more story focused than Wilmot’s End.) Maybe something like another chance to explore the intrigue of the Masters like one does with the boxful of intrigue storylet. What do other people look forward to as possible future content?

Excluding the Ambitions, the story of the Watchmaker’s Daughter has been a big item on my radar. On a larger scale I would certainly be interested in an expansion to the Foreign Office story which, if you played your cards right, granted you candidacy for a possible Governorship of a colony (heck of a consolation prize for being kicked out of the Palace).

I am quite looking forward to continuing the War of Illusions. Or, for that matter, learning more about Parabola. I admit that there is probably a bit that I’ve just plain missed and a bit more that I haven’t found yet, but I did not choose my Destiny by pure happenstance.

For a while now I’ve wanted to have a lawyer carousel of some kind, like Doubt Street.
Something that invokes Bleak House. Where you’re constantly working on this one case and no one gets anything out of it but the lawyer.
There could be a criminal law track that divides into prosecution and defence. Then a civil track where you can work for Baseborn and Fowlingpiece and their rich clients or file against and be the David to their Goliath.

If it never ends up in the game, I may make something like that for Storynexus.
Some time when I’m not working 50 hours a week while the wife is going back to school.

It occured to me a few weeks back that the year in Fallen London is 1893, and whilst most surface events in that year don’t really affect post-lapsarian London, one thing stuck in my mind; in November 1893, Tchiakovsky dies.

Tchiakovsky was a composer who wrote a great deal of famous music, and it would be kind of cool to see him come down into the Neath to escape the throes of death and persecution. Additionally, given his penchant for writing brilliant pieces of music around the subject of romance, he would be the kind of person the Masters would want to invite down.

Firstly, Ambitions, but I’m willing to bet that is similar for many people. Besides that, I want to learn more about the nature of the soul, or why Hell wants them. Popular theory is Devils eat them but it almost seems too simple, and I’d like some clues for what it truly is.

Also, I am very much looking forward to more Dilmun Club content and to the return/expansion of Seeking.

  1. Seeking
  2. Next level professions
  3. Dilmun Club (the Garden and the Elder Continent…?)
  4. Next coil in the Labyrinth of Tigers?

the re-implementation of seeking is, I believe, the most important thing currently missing from FL. It’s a huge part of the lore that’s unavailable to newer players, and older players who devoted a lot of time and effort into it cannot advance it.

Beyond that, I’d like to see some new locations in the environs of London - the Greyfields Shroomery, the island suburb of Drudgewick, the revolutionary hub of Charlie Square - all these deserve to be fleshed out beyond snippets of lore into explorable locals. And maybe afterwards, opening up the way to more locations beyond the Zee.

As for the existing stories - a resolution to the Watchmaker’s Daughter would be nice, as well as the final locked branches in the Detective Cases in Ladybones and Menace Eradication on the Hill.
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On a less tangential note, I’d like to see an update on The Blind Pianist and The Sallow Spirifer. Also more stuff related to The Great Game, maybe like an option to tutor the new Cheesemonger, or becoming part of the priesthood that maintains the Shrines to St Joshua. More surface dwelling intrigue taking place down underneath in the 'Neath, that sort of thing.

Maybe more intrigue regarding the Tattooed Courier and her paramour?

I want more of the Once-Dashing Smuggler. I discard his “farewell” card every time it comes up because I refuse to give up hope that some day encounters will be filled in for the rest of the roses.

When the Fallen London team are ready, I very much wish to continue Seeking the Name.

Despite the low numbers, for a lot of people (even those who didn’t play it themselves) it really is the heart of the lore.

Ambitions (which I don’t think the Shadowy one has been updated yet)
Dilmun club
Lifting my exile from court

The Dilmun Club and the Watchmakers Daughter. I burn with curiosity!

I would also like to see opportunity cards for ALL the pets and companions. (Perhaps I’m in the minority in this.) I think my Tigress might be getting bored.

I’d like to see the return of seeking. I only found out about it after it had been shut down. No good may come of it yet I am still eager to pursue it.

The answer is different for each of my characters, actually.

For Soran, my brainy scholar, the Dilmun Club and the last few Honey-Addled Detective case are probably the most pressing matters. It would also be nice if the Bat with Attitude actually had some sort of practical use beyond just being another precious baby to dote over. Oh, and becoming Closest To the Masters would be cool; being Closest To Hell is all well and good, but the Masters seem like an even better fit for this character, somehow.

For Zero, more stories in the Great Game would be welcome, but the most important thing for him is Parabola. So, things like continuing with the Wars of Illusion, or establishing a Parabolan base camp.

As for Cairn, their biggest focus is criminal enterprises and making profits. More stories involving the Cheery Man or the Widow would be quite fitting.

I also plan on creating another alt once Seeking the Name is reimplemented.

Perhaps a bit lewd, but I look forward to a persuasive challenge for seduction that requires Strong-Backed Labor and/or a Whirring Contraption.

And they should name it after me. Or Narci.

[quote=Nigel Overstreet]
And they should name it after me. Or Narci.[/quote]

&quotSeducing Lyme With A Complex Titanic Camera Over the Streets&quot

I did my best.

Okay, on-topic:
I wish to see the Benefactor card updated to reflect how far you had come.

You helped the Urchins - and you had you go at Benthic. Perhaps you might have seen them. Or you have a room in your Orphanage.
You helped the Anarchist - and you dealt with Jack permanently. Stop wondering about Jack already. Feel better.
You helped the Monk - and you are at the top of the Game, now, in Wilmod’s End, possibly as a Midnighter.
You helped the other Monk - and you have learnt so much about Hell. Perhaps you even live at the Brass Embassy and can offer your friend a stay.

The Regretful Soldier could probably use some new appearance too.
You see the Music-Hall Singer all the time. Some people even avoid her, but I will never avoid a woman whose screams of boredom are worth 2.5 Echoes.
The Repentant Forger pays best in A Visit, gets to talk at a Salon, people rely on him for the Painting. He is kinda important.
The Wry Functionary had Emily Short’s Blessing. You can actually talk to him. What more do you want?
The Regretful Soldier has… um, a Exceptional Friend-locked story. I really liked it, but it also meant people never really get to interact much with the Soldier if they are free players.
Follow-up to his wife to Fate-paying players are great, too, given that he shouldn’t be that regretful anymore after I fixed his life. Or for these filthy sprifer, kicked him when he was down.

And the last one would be the Struggling Artist. Seriously, everyone else has moved up. He’s like the sole unchanging constant in everyone’s FL life from start to finish. He needs the etiquette lesson more than Lyme; I think I don’t mind giving him that.
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Oh, and next-tier professions.

Honestly, I’m most excited for the upcoming Light Fingers update. I’m also waiting for SMEN to come back, although I’m not certain if I’ll be playing that on my current character or on an alt account.