What not to do

I recently blew all my hard-earned notability (thank you, Princess!) for 215 base watchful, which seemed like a good deal.

Then I hit the Nadir again. Yeah, there was a warning about that, but assumed it was just about a whole stat point loss. Nope. Lost whatever 5 irrigo does to you, and now have an annoying 214, with a nearly full progress bar that isn’t changing because it can’t go higher than 200.

So, make sure you’re well and truly done with irrigo-giving things before turning notability into stats.

Still, guess I can get 15 notability again before I finish that fluke core…

Demand a refund from Amanuensis!
Or maybe throw him out on his oily little ear.

I really don’t know why the Amaneunsis keeps coming around to my place. I’m starting to get good distance on the bounce off of his ear.