What Master trades in dyes?

So we know the Bazaar governs trade over basicly every single type of things one could buy or sell, However upon thinking about it I realised I’ve never heard of a master who governs the trade of dyes and pigments. Now, Forgive if I’m wrong but in the Victorian Era wern’t exotic dyes a rather valuable luxury? And what with the neath’s mysterious colours I’d imagine there’s even MORE valuable dyes. Spacemarine9 suggested it might be Mr Veils but not all dye is used for textile purposes. (It’s obviously used in painting for example) My personal best guess would be Mr Apples since a lot of dyes come from plants, But some also come from minerals!
Anyway, This is just a silly little question that’s been bugging me for a while. If you got any theories or confirmations ingame that I missed please inform me!
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Dyes at the tail end of the 19th century were rapidly becoming dominated by industrial production, same as textiles. I’d expect that Mr. Fires would have purview over it, similar to fuel, as I think of Dyes in the Chemistry/Industry zone rather than the Food/Immortality zone.
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If there is a master that has exclusive dominion over fashion and art, it’s the one that has control over dyes. I’m hesitant to automatically assign them to Fires, because by that logic everything that comes out of a factory, including paper, among other things, should be under its control, but I’m having difficulty coming up with another option.

Mr Wines guards the secret behind the dyes for scarlet stockings, 'a colour found nowhere else.’ And Veils, of course, deals in fabric and clothing. Veils also has an arrangement with Sinning Jenny – it might be the source.

Actually, I think there might be things that the Masters don’t govern at all–that are just taxed more generally. I’m not certain, though; I can’t recall any text to that effect.

Clearly this means that those Scandalous Scarlet Stockings have been coloured with M_____'s B____.