What is Your Characters Most Defining Moment?

@Kukapetal: It did work out in the end. My character’s dearest friend Appolonia managed to find their love, wounded, and returned him to them. It worked out story-wise because we backed it up with writing.

@Parelle: I have much considered that very question, in the end I concluded there was no possible way Absimiliard would not immediately free the cat – less to win favor with the Duchess than because they could not bear to see one so constrained. I don’t mind doing so with any that my character’s close friends send them, as their attitudes are very obvious and I doubt anyone likely to send them a cat wouldn’t know of a certainty the result. But I’ve avoided the thread, because I don’t wish anyone to expect to receive a box in return, that would feel like scamming to me, the player that is.

My character’s most defining moment was The time that he spent working for the cheesemonger, and the conclution of him killing several people for the great game. At this point he knew that he has a future in the game, and wishes to pursue that future

I had one of those pretty early. When I created the Professor Strix persona, it was a blatant self-insertion (my free time, my rules). I thought that I would raise her Watchful and her Persuasive because they seemed like the right stats to a lady 5ft tall and all scholarly. Then, the quest to make your name as Persuasive was flirting and I hate flirting. I went monster-hunting instead, had lots of fun and that was when the Dangerous stat of the Professor sky-rocketed and she gained a life of her own, instead of just a shallow self-insert.

The moment that set Hark on their road into madness came when the poor sap unwrapped their first Starveling Cat, accidentally sold their soul and gained an Element of Dawn in their first Charitably Mysterious Bundle all in the same day. I knew I had to make something off it, so I quickly concocted a story about a mad experiment involving souls and the New Sequence, wherein DeGaul attempted to replace their soul with an Element of Dawn and gained an odd fascination with cats for their troubles. (Incidentally Hark’s soul was returned to me in another bundle of oddities a few minutes before midnight GMT on 31 October. There is something seriously wrong with Hark.)

Despite actually being my first character, Hebediah’s defining moment only came recently. The old soldier robbed the Bazaar using a worker’s uniform (because he was otherwise too suspicious to do so) and then immediately drew the Handsome Townhouse card and donated the clothing he’d used for the robbery to his Orphanage. In that moment Hebediah transformed from simply a bombastic, Church loving veteran to a Victorian Robin Hood: a shrewd criminal mastermind who ran a small church as a front for a criminal fiefdom which he used to better the lives of those he cared for.

It’s only now that I realise I have the weirdest luck.
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