What Is The Taste?

For my Ambition (Nemesis), I need to know what the Taste is. I can do this by either getting One Who Has Indulged In Unknown Pleasures or by getting an Uncanny Incunabula. I do not know what the easiest way to get either of these is, although I’ve been hoping something would show up for weeks. Help me, Londoners![li]

If you’re at this point, you should have a drop of gaoler’s honey in your inventory, correct? Use it. Once inside, you can ask one of the people there what the taste is rather than the crueler option of sifting through some unfortunate person’s memories (although the cruel path does net you a tiny bit of Fate; it’s up to you whether it’s worth it or not).

If that still doesn’t appeal, you can gain Uncanny Incunables by converting Extraordinary Implacations from you inventory, or via a rare success when converting Mysteries of the Elder Continent into Presbyterate Passphrases.

Extraordinary Implications can be obtained via converting Tales of Terror. The easiest way to obtain Tales of Terror is via the Flit burglaries.

And if you don’t have the honey, as the hint said, you might look into the university, there are folks who will do what nobody else would…