What is the downside to being kicked from Court?

[color=#ffffff]According to one wiki, being exiled from The Empress’ Court is &quotvery, very bad, and should be avoided at all costs&quot. However, it seems like the authors intended for that to happen. I must admit however, that I cannot find the bad side of being evicted. Of course it’s obvious that those storylettes won’t be available any longer, but is that so bad? Is there something that I can get there that I can’t get easily somewhere else? In short, what am I missing?

(Note: There is &quotThe Life of the Mind&quot which allows me to grind 1 MW for 1 action. Is that the attraction?)[/color]
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A few things -

It is the best way to grind Society connections, as the alternative in Shuttered Palace provide a few extra points but at the cost of no financial reward. You can get about 30 CP plus 20 Greyfields which can come in handy for better wines.

You can grind Scholar of the Correspondence there without staggering material costs by creating Symphonies. You can skip a tremendously costly step if you are pursuing Heart’s Desire. Note this will get you kicked out.

There are several ways to grind MW in the court, and the big thing about that is you can earn money and MW in one go and more efficient than most methods. It is also simpler in that you don’t have to juggle University connections.

The bigger reason is that being exiled merely unlocks the Foreign Office. You don’t have a pressing need to get to the Foreign Office, unlike being kicked out of the University to get started on Research Trips and other storylines.

The place is incomplete for two years now and is less efficient than other endgame grinds. Traveling to the office consumes a Compromising Document every single time so it is even less attractive. It doesn’t offer anything useful, unlike the Court.

The Fate-locked portions provide startling details mostly limited to the Office. You can also pay Fate to uncover its mysteries and get some unique items, but as time goes by Fallen London changed enough that even non-Fate items are better than what it provides. You can also marry unresponsive Spouses from the Office (fate-locked).
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edited by Estelle Knoht on 4/28/2015

The only thing for me was that you lost access to a way to gain scraps of spider silk without hustling the people in Spite. If you are not above such criminal activities then there really is no true downside once you have done what you wanted at court.

I was booted out of Court ages ago. Dragged kicking and screaming, actually. Shouting &quotI apologise for nothing!&quot

No regrets.