What is the Destiny slot?

this empty slot at the bottom has been taunting me forever.
What is it? What can i get to put in there?

You can get one destiny to put there. Usually provides about +5 to a stat, and a glimpse of a possible future for your character. You can only get one during festive seasons (like right now!) One of the options for using a pail of snow should give you a destiny.

Destinies are permanent, or cost a significant quantity of fate to change, so there’s a chance you’ll want to wait to get one. Especially if you’re going to do secrets framed in gold, as some of the ending’s rewards… won’t be availible with a destiny. PM someone for further spoilers.

wow thanks, i had no idea i could even use a pail of snow. I have a destiny now, YAY

I know what destiny you must have, but i didnt know about the reward. Can you tell me what is it?