What exactly does being a Governor do?

So, for some reason I got it into my head at some point that once you had 7 successful terms as Governor some option would open up in the Foreign Office, maybe increase Diplomat in the Making? After checking the wiki, this does not seem to be the case. So, besides the obvious rewards in resources, what do terms as governor actually do, if anything?[li]

Being a Governor doesn’t have any real consequences yet. It’s just a neat little quality to raise, if you are so inclined.

Being a governor ?
Being an awesome individual whom actions can determine the fate of thousands, for the good or the evil, depending on your inclinations ?

So for roleplay purpose, it is great. For Gameplay purpose, it is useless.

I think we all know how well governments pay. :P

According to the wiki’s grinding guide, being Governor may be very profitable when optimized, somewhere around 2 EPA.

Aside from personal preferences and farming some loot there no actual purpose to run more then 1 term as a Gov.

There are nice flavor texts depending on the amount of terms you’ve did, and the last one is at 12+.

The 2 qualities you get there also have those, and their last flavor text are both at 300.