What Does Your Destiny Mean to You?

I’m curious about something. What meaning does your Destiny have for you?

Not the troubled glimpses of distant futures you might have imagined in a dream, not the implications of the story bits that lead up to it, but the Quality itself. The Memory, Gloom, Appetite and so on. When you look at that card, what does it say to you, personally? What sensation is invoked? Just looking at the name and the picture, what does it tell you about your character?

[quote=Gremlin]I’m curious about something. What meaning does your Destiny have for you?

It will end horribly for me. Invoked: smug pleasure.
In-character emotion: masochistic delight. Pride. My curiosity will be rewarded with pain, but it will be rewarded.

The Instrument: It will end in war.

After Owen Wulf takes his place as the greatest huntsman in this world and the next he must then confront the fires of war that he once sought to escape, even if it means charging into Hell itself. It means redemption for his past desertion, the chance for untold glory and a way to change the world for better or worse.

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The Revelation: Everything Will Change. For the Better?

Mathieu has come a long way since first coming to London. From mere humor and hedonism, he has dedicated himself to fully upending the social strata of the Neath. The Lost Children shall no longer die like rats, at any rate.

[quote=Gremlin]The Memory, … When you look at that card, what does it say to you, personally? What sensation is invoked? Just looking at the name and the picture, what does it tell you about your character?[/quote]The Rubbery Man skull of The Memory looks bizarre or foreboding to me, depending on if the Fishy Investigator is dressed to impress, or dressed to disappear. I’m quite pleased with how versatile that skull is as an accessory. ;)

For Soran (The Memory), it means that all shall truly be well, because it’s their destiny to ascend to the highest form of life (the highest form of life is bats, by the way).

For Zero (Backstage), it partly means that he’ll definitely never stop trying to be the center of the world (though it seems he’ll at least get slightly more subtle about it), but it also means that he’ll likely never see his lost family again. Why would he choose such an eternity? Who knows; maybe the grief is just such an integral part of him now that the thought of existing without it actually scares him. It’s quite sad, really.

Cairn doesn’t have a destiny, though. All that says is that they haven’t done anything important enough yet to earn one, but I’m sure they’ll find theirs the next time around. It probably won’t be anything good for anyone but themselves.

One last speck of hope in a world of darkness. The forlorn will look to me as a leader, hoping I will save them. I would rather not have them look to me so. I will find away to stop the darkness. The Night shall not be Liberated.


Backstage - My character has slowly gone from a hedonistic layabout to someone who believes himself shrewd and manipulative SOB.

Backstage: Power… Oh, delicious power. May Failbetter implement some sort of storyline that allows us to realise our destinies. My ambitious, power-hungry character lurks still in the shadows, longing for the time when he has power enough to break the Bazaar and unveil every delicious secret it hides.

The Memory- For Kalixas this means that all her subtle but pervasive meddling will actually come to something. So what if a great deal of her changes from when she first arrived? Was that not to be expected? The vision she had had her standing toe to toe with The Masters- being on the same par or above them, but not necessarily with them. She took this as her strategy of playing sides for no master (if you’ll pardon the expression), or if it has to be a side then the side of a previously unknown power above The Masters, as something that works and that she should continue to do, and she will seize that path until The Judgement.

As for me, the one behind the mask, I gave some of the other destinies a look over when I got the one I did awhile back and came away thinking that I probably got the most badass one, haha. When Hallowmas came around to potentially change it, I was careful to keep the one I have.
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Gleam - I intentionally got this through the Liberation of the Night branch. This is because of one thing: Ryj likes civilization - even the seedy underbelly of violent crime. If civilization falls, then she sees it as her duties to rebuild it, and in her destiny, rebuild it she shall. Her vast knowledge on the Correspondence helps this a rather large amount.

The Memory: Edison will become a Master, but something of himself will remain. To me, this means that Edison’s thirst for knowledge will finally lead him down a path there is no turning back from. Lust for learning will become confused with lust for power, and Edison will come to seek immortality above all else. This will lead to the Masters, as all things worth knowing do. Yet Edison cannot forget what he knows, and he knows he is mortal. Mortals have a peculiar boldness to them that he finds himself partial to, after all these years. Though he will never return to their fold, he will never fully leave it, either.

Mr. Mercutio: The Road – The sky will open to you.

There is never an end. It does not matter if all will be well and all manner of thing shall be well – in the end, I will continue to seek my own fortune, pursue my own path, and forge myself as I see fit. The Bazaar is a means to an end, and I wish it well, but the sky awaits and there is much yet to see. For some, the Chain binds downward. For me, it is a road upwards, and I will move link by link toward the sky as I ascend.

Galatea LaChance: Backstage – Your hands, secretly, on the lever that moves the world.

No matter what, Galatea cannot be trusted. She slips behind everything and manipulates all around her, not because it’s to her benefit, but because it’s her nature. There is nothing else she CAN do but keep trying to shape the world. That is why she dallies with Fingerkings, that is why she seeks the Name, and it is why she smiles but should not be trusted.

Shaded Snow: Gloom – There is darkness in your future.

The older Snow grows, the more bitter they become. The Surface is a dim memory that leaves only a dull ache behind. The memory of the Sun is the memory of a world that didn’t want them. And down here in the Neath, there are still those with the audacity to claim power over them. The Masters, the Empire, the Bazaar itself… all will fall silent and be covered in the darkness that Snow longs for.
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Corvidae - The Revelation

He is destined to do something grand. Something glorious. Something that will change the world for the better. He has faith enough in that. He doesn’t expect his vision to come literally true, but views it more as a symbol. After all, in his vision he was leading devils! Devils! Clearly that’s never going to happen. A trip to the mountain of light? Maybe. Although if he was going to do anything dramatic, destroying hell would probably top his priorities. But nevertheless, he will improve the world, and on his own terms. He can live with that.
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I have The Curator and I’m often unsure that I’ve made the right choice: does the status quo deserve to be upheld? But at least I didn’t make anything worse. Plus, I’m integral to both the Masters and the Fingerkings, which should certainly be an interesting fate if nothing else.

(And I quite like the image of the tiger in a hat that comes with the destiny. And that it increases persuasive, my favorite quality).


I have no love for the Masters, yet I’m, how do you say, a King’s woman? I support the Spires and the iron masks and my destiny is to wear one.

Torment - I am a Seeker what more needs to be said but another path does call to me as well and maybe one day I will be fated to change my future. Who knows what the future might hold :)

The Oath

It started with love; this mad quest to avenge her brother’s death brought her to this place beneath the earth. It will end with love; a mad race to the light, to save herself and her beloved. They will warn the Surface. They will not allow the Liberation of Night to spread further.

Backstage: &quotYour hands, secretly, on the lever that moves the world.&quot Moriarty started out as a joke character. I had him mostly rousting about Veilgarden, being a general layabout. Enjoying the ability to explore a new world. Having played him so long, he’s done a lot of contradictory things. If you take the game as literal, he, like all POSI’s, is a renaissance man on steroids. I think becoming a part of the Neath- a permanent one, like both the Backstage destinies entail- is what he would want. Not to abandon it, like the Road. Though I wonder if he had the chance to let it all go, whether he would go back to the surface. It’s boring up here, certainly. But can all be well in the Neath? Really? Even for a myrmidon, is it worth never seeing the sun? I think that’s what drives him the most, honestly. Anywhere or anything cannot be beyond him. So why not put your hand on the lever that moves the world, and change the rules?

Appetite: &quotYou will satisfy your hungers.&quot Mary is easier. She’s a woman of passion. Revenge, adventure, excess. Plundering the Neath as the Liberation begins is her, to a tee.
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The Road: The sky will open to you.

The Dark Gentleman’s story may have begun in the Neath, but it will end… Well, perhaps it will not end at all. The journey is always more rewarding than the destination, and his journey shall move out into the limitless realms beyond the planet of his birth. Who knows what he may encounter, what worlds he may shape, what destiny he may forge?