What does the Neath's roof look like?

I remember reading about lights, jewels and possibly false-stars. Can anyone tell me precisely?

As far as I know the only way to visit is through a future update to light-fingers, so details will have to wait.
But, creatures called moonmisers live up there. (Also crazy monks, but they are likely less important to your question). You can meet one through the affair of the box if you didn’t choose light fingers.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that the lights, jewels, and false-stars are all stories about the moon-misers, or related to them.
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edited by suinicide on 7/16/2015

I see.

A terrible shame the Masters don’t allow one to purchase a dirigible. It would make for an interesting set of adventures when one has grown tired of the unterzee.

They don’t allow us to purchase one…yet!