What does Sinning Jenny look like?

I know she’s described as swathed in satin and velvet, and of course she wears those scarlet stockings. But what color is her hair? And what about her eyes? Are there any illustrations or fate-locked descriptions of her?

Good questions. Not wise ones.

Oh, Lemexis. XD
Just had a thought: maybe she was Swedish singer Jenny Lind? She actually was in London for the last several decades of her life, while she raised a family. But she would have to fall really low, and Neathy immortality would have to have a strong an effect on her. Jenny Lind - Wikipedia
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Seems entirely plausible to me. Of course, there is an image of a redhead along with a sinning Jenny action, but there are only so many thumbnail pictures one can draw, yes?

I have seen the picture. It’s used in several other places, though (Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball quality and the Soft-Hearted Widow card, for instance). So I don’t think that’s her.