What do you like best in games with lots of text?

What do you like best in games like Fallen London, that are mostly text?

I really like playing games that have a big text component, like the mobile game 80-days, or the old text-adventures.
What I like most I think is the creativity that is possible with text, the originality with which the game is written, the humor of text even in serious games.
Or maybe the idea of combining reading and playing a game, I’m not sure ^^

What is your reason for playing these games? Do you like them better then ‘normal’ games, with mostly animations?

Just curious why other people play ^^
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Well, I’m still kind of finding out how things work in this game. I’m fairly new to text based games, but I really love it so far. I love the freedom that comes with it. There is so much to do and I can decide how I want to play entirely. I’m still not entirely sure how I want to do that, but I’m eager to play on.

I like the things that only text can do; character thoughts, metaphors and allusions, special word choice and imagery. Text can be a pretty constraining medium (especially with modern games’ emphasis on shiny graphics!), so you might as well use it to its fullest.

I feel that way about books too though… For games specifically, I do like the choice aspect, but that’s not unique to text-based games. I mostly just go with the flow and see if the story grabs me.

Oh, but one thing I definitely don’t like is puzzles. Trying to solve a puzzle when you can’t actually see the thing you’re solving and have to fumble through a text parser is absolutely awful and I don’t know how people do it. If you use choices like in FL, it’s not much of a challenge at all, since recognition doesn’t use the same mental skills.
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I love staring at walls of text, what else is there to love?

Nah, to be honest I like them because they are usually based on the story itself, not gameplay or graphics. (Especially graphics.) I also love the feeling of freedom you get. I mean in most text games you are free to do whetever the hell you desire to. From making your characters story to his actions. It makes you feel creative. It makes you feel like you are writing a story of your own. That’s what I feel anyways.

It doesn’t always have to let me free if the story is good. That way you could just enjoy reading a little ‘book’ while playing a game. That kind of stuff. Reading is fun especially if the writer/writers di a good job. ( Just like they did on FL c: )

Also they are usually cheap or free. <-<

For me, it’s the simplicity, the stories and the frequent quirkiness. I love reading, but I find the stories frequently go in different directions I would. Multiple choice text games such as this let you go the opposite way to the norm. In a book, the main character would do everything possible to keep his soul. I did everything I could to give it up to the Devilless (After playing the ‘A serious offer…’ card fifty-eight times I succeeded).
The world is always more vibrant and descriptive. You get to imagine it yourself. In a game with amazing graphics, you don’t get that option. Even games with a Victorian style seem less interesting. I love Dishonored, both the art and the backstory, but in the end, it is the view of someone else.

Also, we all know the pain of finding games, books or movies with a similar style to Fallen London.

I’d say more, but I have no skill whatsoever in articulating my thoughts properly.