What do the qualities cap out at right now?

was just wondering, the fate page has said for quite a while that qualities go up to 120, but it’s been like that since before I joined, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen someone that they go a decent bit higher then that now.

The main-qualities currently cap at 130. And I should know. Or should I?

Having been away from Fallen London for an extended period - I find myself completely baffled by all the Storys, Ventures, Intrigues and Progress items. There are ~75 items that I am completely unsure about where I stand on available content.

I fear that if I continue on in my play, ignorant of where I may have left off, that I may inadvertantly focus on a more advanced story line (e.g. ‘Polythreme Ho!’) that could lock me out of potential content for an older story line (e.g. ‘Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold’ - which I have negelected to progress through past level 1).

Is there a reference for where everything story-content related caps out? or even for which of these items DOES cap out (some are cyclic, like, ‘In the Labyrinth of Tigers - Navigating Coil #1-4’). Most useful would be a reference for what stories/actions/options could potentially lock out access to other unexplored content.

I would be most sincerely appreciative, for any assistance on this matter,
Sincerely Yours,

Watchful, Shadowy and Dangerous currently cap at 140. Persuasive caps at 130.

If the fate page still says that attributes cap at 120, that is bug-report worthy. Be sure you point out that it is a typo rather than an actual bug in the game.

This is an old Thread but what is the current Qualities (dangerous, shadowy, Persusian, Watchful) Cap[li]

175 in all stats I’m pretty sure.

It is 175. I’ve hit the cap in two, working on my third right now. Grinding is a PITA.

How are folks stat grinding these days? I assume it’s still a matter of reducing your stats and finding a check that you can get into the Tough/Chancy range - any particular recommendations for those?

I’m stat grinding by also money grinding. I’m at 10K echos and I need 11740 to get my Overgoat. So I’m doing each trait that also earns money. Dangerous I did the Third Coil and Moon Pearls. For Shadowy I did the grinding on souls. Now I’m grinding on Watchful and getting Primordial shrieks. And for Persuasive I’ll find something similar. But not till I cap the stat I’m on.

I’ve been doing this for a while, and it’s BORING. But at 1 cp and approx 100 pence in goods, it’s a living.

Joy Phillip - if that is how you are doing it I would recommend “doing the decent thing” in Unfinished Business in Veilgarden for Persuasive.

You get Honey with a rare success of a bonus stolen kiss. So a guaranteed 1 echo and fairly frequently an extra 2.50 echoes

With a small sample of 40 actions, 7.5% were rare, to say it like that… Might be 10%?

I’ve never actually counted but I think it is often enough to make it a worthwhile grind.
Also Honey can be a step in grinding Cellars of Wine with conversions and opportunity cards. Convert Honey to romantic notions; Mr Wines is holding a sale for Greyfields 1879; Presumptuous Opportunity Greyfields to Broken Giant; convert to Cellars of Wine; cash in on Presumptuous Opportunity. I haven’t worked out how profitable it is or precisely how many actions it takes though.

[quote=Aximillio]With a small sample of 40 actions, 7.5% were rare, to say it like that… Might be 10%?[/quote]I’m a fan of this particular grind. My gut feeling, having done it often, is that the odds are more like 15%. But I’ll concede the point if faced with a sufficiently large sample size. To which end, I did it 24 times and updated the spreadsheet. I got four rare successes, about what I’d expect.

I love Presumptuous Opportunities. I wish there were more such cards; they might encourage people to mix up their grinding. It’s hard to evaluate the Honey to Airag chain you mention, because its profitability depends on the chance of rare successes on two different actions (grinding Honey and converting Broken Giant). But you lose 50p every time you trade in the Romantic Notions, and conversion of Honey to Notions is itself rather unprofitable.

I get Greyfields 1882 from the Young Stags, and use the card to convert it to Morelways, then Strangling Willow. Then I convert that up to Cellars of Wine the normal way, before using the card again to get Airag. It’s absurdly profitable, but also very slow.

Same, Flyte. I also use wine for a fate-locked card to reduce scandal, so that’s menace control and ppa all in one =)