What are the other storylines?

Ok, thank you Sara! And ofc all who helped me answer this questions! Although I am curious what have Mr. iron and an army of exiled devils have to do with this…

Mr Iron has nothing to do with it.

Just ask it.

Shadowy is about mr stones trying to get an exiled devil army to take over london[/quote]

Waffles wrote that,and I am wondering, is it true?

Thank you for your time and sorry for so many question :(

You will see when you get to that storyline (spoilers aren’t very fun). I’m just saying that Mr Stones isn’t interchangeable with Mr Iron. :P

Questions are fine though. Never feel bad for asking questions, as somebody will be happy to answer. :)
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Just so it’s said, you don’t need to do the level 85 rat storylet for the face. Though you’ll have to beat a ~10% chance storylet if you don’t (you get several tries, obviously)

H,mm ok, thanks. Another question, the Mr. Stones storyline is shadowy, right?

H,mm ok, thanks. Another question, the Mr. Stones storyline is shadowy, right?

Yep, around Shadowy ~130-140

Hmmm thank you kindly, speaking of shadowy, is it possible to go into mahogany by virtue of shadowy only, or you still need to pay?

You’ll need to pay to gain access to the Shuttered Palace, Wolfstack Docks, the Forgotten Quarter (unless you have Heart’s Desire), the Labyrinth of Tigers, and Mahogany Hall.
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University didn’t when I reached 80 Watchful. And how do you unlock Wilmot’s end?

You can gain access to Wilmot’s End when your Shadowy is 110, Persuasive is 110, or have Diplomat in the Making.
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Ok, thanks. Well, I already got the ridiculous hats, so I guess I better starts buying the items

You need to be a Scholar of the Correspondence, then Gain Access to the University through Knowledge at your Lodgings.[li]

That was a response to my claim that additional locations needed to be paid for. :P I forgot about the Flit and University (though I did remember Wilmot’s End).