What are the other storylines?

No, I do not mean ambitions. But you know, how the watchful storyline is linked to a certain language, sorry still haven’t found how to use spoilers yet, and I was wondering if dangerous, persuasive and shadowy had similar story’s, and if you could help me find them

Watchful is tied to the correspondence
Persuasive is about the carnelian coast
Dangerous not sure, maybe fighting devils with the bishop of Southwark
Shadowy is about mr stones trying to get an exiled devil army to take over london

There are no exact analogues, which is a good thing. There are great stories for the other qualities as well.

Try looking for (real basic starters):
Rats in your lunch at Watchmaker’s Hill to start a Dangerous story (req Dangerous 25).
A Box of Secrets in Spite at Shadowy 56.
For compelling Persuasive content, there are many small stories and intrigues such as the Revolutionary Firebrand started by gold-bordered cards.

This is a good indicator of various qualities for the four main Qualities. Also something related to a battle at Wolfstack Docks.[li]
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Will have to lower my dangerous, it’s at 49, and the shadowy ones seem interesting, where does it starts?

It’s not always clear where the storyline is going to go. For instance, after the University, it looks like the Watchful path is going to be pursuing detective work, but that leads to Flute Street - a fate-locked side-story, not tied in mechanically with the other detective storylines tied to the Honey-Addled Detective or the Implacable Detective - and the real Watchful path is at Zee.

Hmmm ok, thank you sir. Still, anyone has a clue of where I can start, or I should try to lower some of my stats

EDIT: Regarding the box of secrets, no matter what option I take, the storyline will progress, right? Because I choose not to steal it and I am starting to worry I got out of that particular storyline…
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Rats - W. Hill & Lodgings

Box - can be regained no matter what you do

Hmm… Only 1 spoiler box per message?
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Who is this W. Hill? And how can I regain the box?

Thank you for your answer, and I take that the thing for the rats on lunchbox I will find n my lodgings, right? Or is the dangerous storyline the infestation of your lodgings?

The rats in your lunchbox storyline gets initiated in Watchmaker’s Hill, and afterwards it takes place in your Lodgings. There will still be a storylet in Watchmaker’s Hill, but you’ll want to take care of it at home.

Ahhh, so it is indeed the rat infestation as I had thought I am sorry then for bothering you, but it seems I have unwillingly, more like unknowingly, finished the dangerous storyline, althought I am sure that it has a second chapter, right? Sorry for making you waste your time…

Yeah, there’s more rat storylines later on. :) These ones start in your lodgings when your Dangerous gets high enough. There are also some unrelated Dangerous storylines. These take place in Wolfstack Docks and the Labyrinth of Tigers.
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Nice, I quite like the little things. Anyways, how can I recover the box if you would be so kind as to tell me please? And if it isn’t too much, what requirements are needed for chapter two of the rat’s storyline :)? Regardless, thank you all for the help :)

Regardless of how you go about the Affair of the Box storyline you’ll resume it in Mahogany Hall. It’s impossible to lock yourself out of it, so no worries. I find this is true for most things, though you’ll want to play &quotA night-time conference&quot (Dangerous 85 at your Lodgings) before &quotThe sculpted scowl&quot (Dangerous 90 at your Lodgings). I locked myself out of this one because I didn’t realize the former led into the latter, and it also required all the Bazaar rats. I don’t think it has an upper Dangerous cap, so you may leave it until you’re ready to spend that many echoes.
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How can you buy all the bazaar rats? And is it a drawn card, or it appears in the option list in your lodgings?
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Go to the Bazaar tab and buy the rats you see in the pet section.

Ahhhh, does disgraced bandit costs? Also, someone here said Mr. iron fits into the whole shadowy storyline, but I have a hard time adjusting to the idea of how he relates to a box. If you would be so kind to once again help me, could you explain this to me in a PM? Sorry to bother you once again, you are a most excellent person

Disgraced bandit is a quest reward for being merciful during infestation

I know, I meant if it counts…hmmm, can you get more than one?

Mr Iron isn’t involved with the box…you’ll see. You’ll see.

As for whether it counts, no worries! There are two options, one with the Disgraced Bandit and one without.
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