What are people working on?

I’m just curious, as there seem to be a few unreleased projects in the works![li]

I’m guessing that if people aren’t ready to list them in an accessible way, chances are they aren’t ready to talk about them, either. That’s me and ours, anyway. :-)

(Also, most SN games never get remotely finished. Perhaps people aren’t willing to commit themselves till it looks like they might actually complete.)

I was considering abandoning SN for my current project because of the various limitations, but in the end I’ve decided to push onward because I think the game will work best in this type of medium (and I don’t have the skills to write my own from scratch).

I won’t say much about Recluse because most of the enjoyment will be in unraveling the environment and story and figuring things out as you go. But I can say that I do at least intend to finish it. It will be released as a beta once I think it has enough content.

@babelfishwars - that’s fair enough! It just seems a bit of a shame that the forums are so quiet given that people are working actively on various projects (or so it seems). I’m sure we’d all benefit from a bit more dialogue.

@aira - I know what you mean; I did consider writing my own platform from scratch (and I do have the skills). However, in that direction only madness lies! I’ve found that it’s possible to get SN to do pretty much anything I want, although it does sometimes feel like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

I’ve a project in the works; problem is, I’m a chronic procrastinator, and the feel of Storynexus games isn’t nearly as smooth as that of FL itself.

It’s true… it’s slower, and when it’s updating the page just freezes instead of giving you something like the cute revolving exceptional hat. I think it’s got better recently though.

I started a thing ages ago just so I could make art for it, but never finished it. Recently I came back and saw you can now add your own art so I’ve started making icons but only one is finished so far. But I’m having fun so I’m going to keep it up!

Cool! :) I’m finally at the point where I’m having original art made for my game too.

I’m working on my first project with SN at the moment. It will be short and sweet ideally. Since its my first project I don’t want to kill myself, but do you think its worth making a short game (25-35 storyletts) if I can make the story engaging enough?

Absolutely! It’s all about the story, and if you can create something that engaging in just a handful of storylets I think that would go down very well (as well as helping to teach you what SN can and can’t do).

Well I just found this site about a week or so ago, so we’ll see if my grand designs ever get completed enough to actually show them. But I am working on a story that takes place in a Dickensian London. The player is an orphan who’s recruited into a school to learn magic.[li]

If it wasn’t against the rules I would probably have tried making a &quotGuardian of Ga’Hoole&quot game where everyone was an owl. Patent, copyright, all of that good stuff. In any event it seems like a lot of work, both in the story department and the technical scope of such a project.

edited by Owen Wulf on 7/12/2014