What actions are there with scaling rewards?

I’ve noticed there’s a couple of actions scattered here and there, which give rewards based on your stats.

Like in Spite > Rob a Drunk > A furious and incoherent Rat:
It gives a number of surface currency equal to half of your shadowy

Or The Mechanics of Progress card, which gives a number of cryptic clues randomly chosen between 1, and your Watchful level

These actions interest me, i like this mechanic. And i’m sure there are others, but there’s no quick or easy way to track them down through the wiki, so i come to ask the forum for help
Does anyone know of some other actions which benefit from scaling rewards in this manner?

Chatting with your Acquaintances will give rewards based on your base stats in the same way robbing a rat is based on your general Shadowy. The options that can unlock at the end of the Blemmigan Affair also scale with your general stats in some way, though it’s random like the mechanics of progress.

…hehehe. This is the second or third time in a few weeks you’ve asked a question I’ve already asked, though I think scaling rewards is a better way to phrase it: