Welp, that happened.

It would seem that I deleted my character while deleting a character from another storynexus game.
Here’s to starting anew.
…and reading everything before clicking delete buttons

Oh no! Have you tried submitting a bug report asking if your account could be recovered? Might be too late now, but it’s worth a shot.

I thought about it, but to be fair, it was my own mistake.
I came up with a backstory though, I’m actually excited about the new character haha

Glad to hear you’re making the most of it. I’m not too sure how far into the game you were, but there were things I didn’t fully get as a new player that made me go, &quotAha!&quot when I made a new account much later. I bet you’ll have a few such moments too.:)

yeah, I’m also excited about really paying attention now that I know more about the lore and everything.
I had just turned into a PoSI, like three days ago, so I guess it could be a lot worse.

I deleted my account once, partly accidentally. FBG was able to restore it no problem. They have very good records and stuff. I’m certain you could get restored too if you so desired.
edited by NiteBrite on 10/31/2014

I’ve sent them an email, I’m getting my account back after all. thanks guys :D