Well, that wasn't what I expected to happen

My alt had quite a surprise just now in the battle for the pantry. I had actually planned on keeping that d____d cat for Hallowmas, too. Had no idea there was any way of accidentally losing it!

Any advice on how to lose peckishness?

To my knowledge, there are two ways (without Seeking the Name) to lose UP which can be replayed, and two opportunity cards.

  • The first is in the Labyrinth of Tigers, Navigating Coil 1. Taking Some Refreshment and Buying Some Rubbery Lumps for 50 Jade gives you (on a successful Dangerous challenge) -2 UP, a Wounds decrease, and 3 scraps of Incendiary Gossip.

The second option is at Mahogany Hall. You’ll need to be Educating Lyme first, with 7+ levels of Pygmalion. Sending Lyme to the Market gains you (on a Pygmalion success) 108 shards of Glim and -3 UP, on top of the Pygmalion increase.

Other than that, the opportunity card “A Restorative” gives -1 UP on choosing “Scraps from the table”, and a Wounds decrease.

Finally, if you have A Game of Chess Dream quality 7-10, the Opportunity Card “A Dream About A Soldier’s Camp” offers the option to “Grab a free meal” With a luck challenge of about 50%. A success here reduces Nightmares and offers -2 UP, along with increasing your Dream quality.

Being unaccountably peckish will eventually make you draw some unpleasant black-bordered cards. The good news is, the Ace of Hungers card has a perfectly safe option to buy roast chestnuts and get rid of UP that way. (Do not choose the other options.)

With UP at two you’ll also draw the card TWO OF BATS. Choosing to “fold the note” on that card is also a safe way to drop UP.

And regarding the option to take referrals at the Labyrinth, know that it will drop UP whether you succeed or fail the Dangerous stat challenge.

I can replenish your Starveling Cat reserves, if you’d like me to.

I’m surprised by the number of things that can give you UP. I ate some sweets during the feast of the rose just now, and got two points of UP.

Thank you all for posting multiple ways of getting rid of UP

EDIT: …I really want to hurt some people give &quotgifts&quot and selling &quotfood&quot right now. I was unlucky seeking a seat at dante’s grill, and gain 3 more points, for a total of 5 in less than two minutes.
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As someone who just failed the Random Number Git dictated way to enter Dante’s Grill during the Feast and got 3 UP, can I say that this thread has been most helpful?

Edit: I Headed up to the Labyrinth and ate five paper bags worth of Rubbery Lumps and now I’m fine.
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Thank you all for your advice! This is really helpful. I came down with some sort of plague and fell off the internet and forgot to check back for quite a while.