Welcome to Polythreme! (spoilers)

A discussion on the new area. What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? any tips to getting there? :)

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Thought for a second someone had managed to get there already by some black magic, and was excited to see what was there.

“He tempts me…”

Am I the only person sitting here hitting refresh every 45 seconds, waiting for today’s promised Big Release?

I am, and i started the thread!

Aside from mentally kicking myself for forgetting to copy my arrival(to post here). I am currently enjoying my stay in Polythreme, tho its a lot different then I expected based on rumors and stories from back in London

I just finished my map and I’m on my way. I should be there in less then an hour.

Wha…? How can people have the full map already? I just completed the cat-and-mouse quest for the second piece today, which means I won’t have the full map until Monday at the earliest…

I’m in the Sea of Voices now, still on my way. I did the second cat-and-mouse game yesterday, and it only had a one day wait (I went with the bizarre option for the right hand piece rather than the dreaded).

Aha, finally got my second piece. On my way through the Zee~

One more turn, and I’m in the Sea of Voices!

edit: Report from the talkative zee: Bazaar is accessible, there is new text for the storylets Steam Bravely and Steam Carefully, and there is a new quality that is rather tantalizing (even though I have no idea what it does). This is all terribly exciting.
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Update: Bazaar is available in Polythreme, but my shoes have had an argument, it is a perplexing place.
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Another update: It seems that we are unable to craft in Polythreme. Possibly due to sentient inventory items. Laudanum and Tincture of Vigor are also unusable.
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I must admit I’m curious about what the inhabitants of the Polythreme thinks of me, to them I must have seemed like a had gotten a sugar rush of epic scope running around and doing a lot of stuff in a very short amount of time(i was weak willed and used most of the fate i had gotten for an rubbery operation(roughly 40 fate on extra actions and 12 on refilling my opportunity deck :p )).

Before i possibly do so tho, do those of you here wish for me to show the effects of something i did as to tantalize you on what can happen in this new and strange land(for us)

So has anyone found some new intelligent equipment or clay man sidekick? I have found a surprising lack of new rewards in the Polythreme.

I was rather expecting those two - we’re woefully short on Dangerous clothing, and this seemed a rather obvious place to get a whisper-silk outfit that would do just that. Are there, perchance, shops?
(I’m investigating the Grunting Fen so that I can then focus in Polythreme proper afterwards)

My luxury yacht was just propositioned – propositioned!! – by a passing vital steamer. The impropriety! Though I must admit to a certain scientific curiosiity. If we had somehow managed to avoid capsising in the process, would my yacht have found herself expecting a litter of dinghies? It would be too dangerous to attempt, sadly. In any event, this is proving to be an outstandingly eventful journey.

There have been a serious lack of new items or interesting rewards and such here in the Polythreme(so far), tho I guess that might be linked to the sentience of the place. The best ‘reward’ I’ve gotten so far is that the clay men now respect me(However I think that trait was used in the heiress storyline as well).

Now going by the information posted by Chris Gardiner in announcements I ‘think’ I’ve learned the secret of the clay men, don’t think I’ve met the legions or had a sniff of the supposed rebellion tho.(hopefully the latter two will have an interesting reward).

Edit: It sounds like that Steamer you met aimed quite a bit above its station, i guess it was of the view that it was better to ask and be turned down then not ask and wonder eternally.
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So I just spent some fate to ensure that I can get on of the harder choices. It didn’t really seem like a equal trade. So considering there seems to be no unique rewards other then lore I think I might just leave the Polythreme to others with a bit less on there plates.

If you started looking for the first half (the left-hand one) as soon as the notice went up, and then went for the right-hand one as soon as you got the left hand one, it was possible to have both have united yesterday (I did mine about 16 hours ago).

My ship is still under construction :(

From EB’s Twitter feed a few days ago:

“You’ll want the Map even if you don’t have a ship, as tramp steamers will begin taking passengers to Polythreme shortly.”

I had a similar experience. Quite amusing, really.