Weekly Questions, Beginning 13/05/2016

To paraphrase John Donne, this is the forum thread where you should ask short questions and others will hopefully provide helpful answers!

I recently had a card that refilled a candle and can’t track it down. Does anyone happen to know what it may have been?

The only 2 things that do that: Darkdrop Coffee(an item, not an Opportunity Card) and your Aunt after working with Mr Wines(an Opportunity Card which, if I’m not mistaken, costs Fate to unlock with the ending of the Aunt storyline).

Have you bought the fate locked aunt storyline? It could be from that.

Thank you all. I have a bunch of darkdrop, since I keep winning the toss with the relicker, so that would be it. Failing memory…

Logically speaking, why do the Elder Continent items use Favors: Tomb Colonists to upcraft? The Tomb Colonies are NORTH of London.

Between their years of experience and their highly physical, devil-may-care lifestyles (ideal for adventurous expeditions into dangerous lands), many Tomb-Colonists are in prime position to have a great deal of accumulated knowledge about the Elder Continent.

Or (minor spoiler for the sake of a bad joke):

One in six tomb colonists is really Feducci in different colored bandages.

According to the wiki a Direful Reflection has only two uses, one of them is fate-locked and the other is Impossible!. Is that correct, or is there any other reason I shouldn’t just sell it now?

@Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook : Do you have any secret insights into the Starveling Cat? Bonus points if you reply with a couplet.
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Sounds correct to me insofar as i haven’t seen any in-game, fate unlocked, uses for them. I can’t say whether it’s worth holding onto them for the future, though.

i read a message at some point that said there was a free way to unlock Mahogany Hall- I think it was on the Ways Of card for it, in the fate option, to warn people off of buying it unnecessarily. It said you could unlock MH in an advanced shadowy story. But the Wars of Illusion story doesn’t seem to actually unlock MH, just require you to go there- afaict you still need to take the the Unlock New Routes option from your Lodgings and spend a ton of random animals and stuff to get there? Is there a free option somewhere I’m missing?

I’m guessing the message is telling you there’s a free-as-in-doesn’t-cost-Fate option, so you don’t think you’re buying an exclusive area. If you don’t pay 5 Fate, you still have to “pay” for the unlock with in-game items.

If you really don’t want to gather the materials, the Ways Of card also provides a one-time visit for 8 Surface-Silk Scraps.

Tiny, miscellaneous question, why did the phosphorescent scarab’s picture change?

FBG are occasionally updating the art of all sort of images in the game. It’s usually just because they’ve created a better image.

Is there any reason why I can’t zail to the Tomb Colonies when I’m not in exile due to scandal? Other than because the devs haven’t made it an option to go there mind you.

You can sail to the Tomb-Colony of Venderbight as part of Ambition: Nemesis (or in Sunless Sea), so there’s no narrative reason for it. But sailing to the menace zone wouldn’t make sense, so it would require creating a whole new area.

Did the Touching Love Story’s picture just change?

This isn’t a question so much as a suggestion. Have you considered bringing Keith Thompson on board to do a few sketches for Fallen London? He’s was the artist behind the alternative history Great War novel Leviathan, and in my opinion he was on of the best parts of the book. I was looking through some of his character sketches recently and it struck me that some of his Victorian period artwork would work almost perfectly in a Fallen London setting. He has this dark otherworldly take on the era which I just love.

I realize this collaboration may not be possible because of financial reasons or the fact that his artwork tends to be more detailed than you can fit in a computer game avatar. Perhaps he could do promotional work? Anyway even if you don’t use this idea you should still check him out just for the fun of it at http://www.keiththompsonart.com/

Ps. I think his HAVELOCK OLIPHANT, ESQ. perfectly captures my character.
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yes. other art may have changed as well. it happens sometimes- once, quirks weren’t all green!