Weekly Fallen London Questions, 26/08/2019

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

Is a Judgements’ Egg only good for selling off for echoes?

And collecting.

Considering you can grind them without limit now, it’s rather one of the less collectible items.

Did the Masters have names before the Bazaar? There are mentions of a time before names, but SSkies and Eaten’s Name imply different. Are titles not names, and where is the line? Or is this just one of those weird things?

Titles are not names, as the story of Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name demonstrate.

True, but I still wonder where the line is. And if erasing Eaten’s old self erased his sigil, and a lot of other things.
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Anyone thinking of playing The Face Trade story anytime soon? I’m missing one echo; when someone approaches you. An Anxious Auditor
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