Weekly Fallen London Questions, 25/02/2019

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

From last week’s:

[quote=dov]Wounds 77 are not possible unless you start with Stormy-Eyed 77 (refusing the gift exchanges 1 CP of Stormy-Eyed for 1 CP of Wounds and a Scream). [/quote]Yes, but that can be farmed on Mutton. And Stormy 77 sounds great too!

[quote=Dudebro Pyro]Oh no no no no no, that would take me over 5,200 actions on average to heal. Unless you’re absolutely certain social actions can be used to avoid the Boat, I’m keeping my wounds as low as possible, thank you very much. Now, 77 Nightmares, that might be worth a try - according to the wiki that’ll only cost 2,600 CP of every stat… [/quote]Not sure how your got to 5200 AP to heal 2625 CP of wounds.

But there’s always the Fate option, or the, how can you call it, cheaper (?) option, the Cider.

Wish I could get rid of that Thunder…! :D
edited by Skinnyman on 2/26/2019

[quote=Skinnyman]Not sure how your got to 5200 AP to heal 2625 CP of wounds.[/quote] Most likely it’s only considering Wounds loss through dice with the Boatman and not factoring in opportunity cards or social actions. That would be an average of -0.5 Wounds per action, or around 5,250 actions. It’s an overestimate because the red-bordered opportunity cards can be played with zero action loss, but as you noted, Fate (or the Cider) is still the way to go.