Weekly Fallen London Questions, 24/07/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions and answers!

How are you people managing without Wiki? :smiley:

While we have web.archive, let’s hope we’ll have our Wiki back before Monday when the new event will start! I can already see the contributors rushing to create the new pages, find the mechanics and put in place a starter guide… in less than 30 minutes! :crazy_face:

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Challenge of remembering things that I have done before… or is it the irrigation…

I have habitually checked to see if I need those almost useless items like Silent Souls for anything (I don’t) before selling them, before realising that the wiki is down. Also my internet is really slow at the moment, so I will spend a minute or two staring at my phone just waiting for the wiki to load before I remember that it’s not loading for anyone anymore.

Don’t forget about web.archive! It is slow, it doesn’t have all the snapshots, and some DB entries can mix. But it is something! :smiley:

Continuing the discussion from Weekly Fallen London Questions, 17/08/2023:

Time for my feedback: I’m not fond of it!

  • I don’t bother to change to my menace reducing outfit before drawing cards. If menaces were something before this update, now they are close to nothing. Let alts handle it. *And it’s quite annoying now
  • I understand the mechanics behind the wounds helmet, for example, but wearing a barrel and some stockings is sure to cause some scandal without doing anything else. :smiley:
  • The effect of these items is negligible; even with 4 nightmare reducing items, the difference is quite small. Especially that many players picked the coat because of the *bonuses it provided. If I were to get it now, I wouldn’t especially that an analysis over Reddit concluded that 3 reduction items is the max. Bothering to get it just to compensate for The Walls burden is too much.
  • You can no longer get rid of Nighmares via Nadir without clogging the cave’s deck with the menace cards.
  • *You can no longer grind Sudden Insights via Nightmares + alt by equipping two menace items.

* mark later edits

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Web archive can’t tell me the Diplomat’s Current Fascination. I’d have to go all the way to the Khanate to find out what to bring

He’s currently after menacing skeletons.

PJ, I always put things like that in plans so I can keep an eye on them.

What I want to check on the wiki is if it’s diamond week. It’s not, is it?

Has anybody else held on to their cargohold full of sphinxstone from last year? There is an ominous warning on it but I wonder if it will come in handy in the Horticultural Show.

So, the Rat Market sells boxes filled with Colours the Like may not be seen on the Surface.
Issue is, one must supply one’s own Mirrorcatch boxes. How does one find Mirrorcatch Boxes?

Fiddler’s Scarlet, via Jericho Locks, the second stop on the Railway.

It’s also a rare result when you pull random items out of the Waswood. And I’ve heard you can acquire many of them in the Exceptional Story “Cut with Moonlight”

Does the London Horticultural Show start today? Does anybody have any indication of the hour?

In 15 minutes. :slight_smile: 13:00 UK time

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The Railway being a later game project?

correct, the railway is a fairly resource intensive storyline for accounts which have progressed up to PoSI status (and through some of the early PoSI storylines). Fortunately there are very few uses for filled mirrorcatch boxes, so there’s no real reason to get them before that point