Weekly Fallen London Questions, 24/06/2019

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

I have been away from the game since Feburary. I recall that the elections should be starting soon but I’m at a loss for what to do until then. Outside of exceptional stories has anything of note been added to the game that I should hunt down? Grinding dangerous and seeking seems like a less than stellar way of returning to the game.

Posted this question several weeks ago, but left unaswered, not sure if it was missed or nobody could help, but here we go again, last time. Sorry for persistency:

About weddings, my future spouse collected 1000 Organising a Wedding, so we’ll both get 500 Organising a Wedding to spend in the ceremony.
Question is, can i spend part of OaW quality to pump some favours to 7, then go to London to spend favours, then back to Ceremony to pump more favours… or i need to spend all OaW quality before ending Ceremony?

I think that the Ceremony is a storylet and cannot be exited, but someone who actually got married should confirm it.

As for new things in the game, I don’t think something has been added since February. There are many, many grinds though, depending on what you did before pausing.

I have got married / divorced too many times to count. You cannot leave that storylet until your OaW is 0.
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@ Waterpls

Maybe you can give me some information. I have an invitation to a wedding sitting there, but it seems not to be functional (I couldn’t take it up immediately after it was issued, so I guess it was a now or never thing). I’ve no idea if I can get rid of it?

@Ragnar Degenhand
I believe you have to accept/decline it when sender is in London (not at zee / in prison / etc ). Or try to write to FBG support, if its impossible.

Q: Best way to get rid of Nightmares? Is there something better than social action?
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In the Election Thread, Hannah said that the election will start the 15th of July.