Weekly Fallen London Questions, 19/12/2022

Here’s this week’s quick Fallen London questions thread.

How should “lacre” be pronounced? My guesses for etymology are “lachrymose” and “nacre,” but those have incompatible pronunciations.

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I pronounce and stress it like “liquor”, but with the first vowel replaced with the “a” from “lachrymose” (so we end up with sad juice).

Or, to phrase it in the form of a bad joke, “Lacre? I 'ardly knew 'er”


This has been discussed before:



" Congratulations, friend!

“You! A Londoner of taste and distinction,” the seller calls, beckoning you closer. “The finest bristles! Polished wood from the Surface! See the quality for yourself!” The palaeontologist’s brush is indeed superior. The seller leans close to you and winks. “Easily concealed in the top of your boot, yes?” You turn the brush over in your hands. Its end is stake-sharp. What do they think you’re digging up?

[Equipped in your Boots slot, the Completely Unassuming Palaeontological Accessory increases your Dangerous, Persuasive, and Respectable.]

You’ve gained 1 x Completely Unassuming Palaeontological Accessory (new total 2)."


  • If it’s easily concealed in the top of my boot, but it’s equipped in my boots slot, how do I actually conceal it in the boot that I can’t wear because of it?
  • Can I easily conceal more than one in the top of each boot, or am I liable to wind up next year with more than I can easily conceal?
  • Does anyone else wonder aboutt things like this? :crazy_face:

Reminds me of how the Viscountess’ Collar takes up the entire clothing slot, which certainly raises some questions which I just assume everyone is too polite to actually ask.


Very much interested in playing heavily aligned with the Urchins - and to a lesser extent have ‘protective towards kids’ as a major influence, RP-wise in general. Looking for recommendations of stories, exceptional and otherwise with Urchins, and opportunities to play (preferably violent) protector of children in general. Currently Pre-PoSI. Also looking for suggestions on choice of ambition, if any of them have segments that play particularly well into the theme.

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Top of your list for Exceptional Stories should be HOJOTOJO!, The Tempest, Chimney Pot Wars, and We Absolutely Meant to Go To Sea. The first three of those are all Urchin-themed, and the fourth you are directly working with non-Urchin children. You might also consider The Frequently Deceased, although your connection with the children is less direct if I recall correct.

I have not played any Ambitions but Light Fingers. My guess is that Bag a Legend! most closely aligns with your interest, based purely on the fact that the Vake is the primary antagonist. I don’t know how directly you get with children in the narrative, but your actions will be violent and result in children being protected. BaL and HOJOTOHO! will also have some thematic overlap, I don’t know if there’s a “best” order to do those in.


Thank you very much! I’ll definitely look into those exceptionals a bit down the line. I have been strongly considering Bag a Legend, given I plan on ultimately ending up peligin eyed and other-than-human. Probably will - for the character I got in my head, Heart’s desire and Nemesis just aren’t down his alley. If you’ve done Light Fingers, and it doesn’t really intersect with the protecting kids or ultraviolence angles, I guess that figures that.

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For what it’s worth, Bag A Legend has zero ties to children, and isn’t that ultra-violent. Without going in too much details, it is very focused on preparing for a hunt, and having to come up with ways to overcome unexpected complications to said hunt.

Light Fingers might be of interest to you, actually - it involves discovering the secrets of a place known as the Orphanage, and protecting a child ends up being one of the key decisions.


If memory serves, it isn’t children who are kept in the orphanage. At least, not exclusively.

Is there going to be a Christmas Fate story this year? Are those still a thing? If there is one, I haven’t noticed it.

Edit: Ignore that last question. It’s the Mushroom’s Dream. Coming out as it did in November I didn’t spot that it was the Christmas Story until I checked the forum post for it. The Fate page doesn’t name it so. :slight_smile:

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