Weekly Fallen London Questions, 18/03/2019

Here’s this thread’s week for quest quickions!

What’s the easiest way to get 1-2 CP of Scandal without social actions? I’m certain there must be some storylet somewhere that’ll do this repeatably and at little or no cost, but I can’t think of any (and this is the kind of question where the wiki is really unhelpful).

Trying some hot wine in the Refreshment Pavillion at the Carnival gives a 50% chance at either 2 CP of Nightmares reduction or 1 CP of Scandal gain. Changing literary schools in the Singing Mandrake is also a way to gain Scandal: rejecting your school gives 1 CP of Scandal, while aligning with the Nocturnals gives 2 CP of Scandal.

Excellent, thank you.

Weird question, but how can you actually see Parabolan Base Camp option ingame? It’s absent for me, not here, nil.

Cave of Nadir question: If i sell it’s locations to any offered party, will there be some downside latter when accessing the cave? Any recommendations to whom to sell it? I’ve been leaning toward Spymaster for Great game renown/favours.

I think the Parabolan Base Camp is only visible to Glassmen in Veilgarden.

As for the Cave of the Nadir, you get Closest To… the faction to which you sold the location. The Great Game gives the greatest reward, which will also help a lot if you have ambition: heart’s desire or go for Paramount Presence. No idea if it gives extra favors, though.
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As Jolanda said, you become Closest To the faction, but in the long term that’s a minor consequence: you can change your Closest To at will for a non-negligible but not bankrupting cost. You also get a reward - two factions give one worth 1562.5 echoes, and the other two give a 312.5 echo item. Finally, you get up to 7 favours and a tiny bit of Renown, but that’s pretty much inconsequential. (Also some quirk changes, which to the majority of players is also of no consequence.)

Of these, only the Great Game payment is really useful: the only other way to get it is through scraps, which is extremely tedious; and it’s useful for one of the possible paths (the most difficult one, arguably) to Paramoun Presence. The other 1500 echo item (from the Revolutionaries) has a non-scrap grind that’s quite doable, and the 312.5 echo items don’t really have any uses (and also can be had for far less scraps - 680 rather than 3200).

It’s true that the GG reward is also used for Heart’s Desire, but when you get to that point in the ambition there’s an extremely cheap one-time storylet to get the same item specifically for the purposes of advancing the story, so I wouldn’t take this into consideration.

Personally, I would advise against being overeager to sell it purely for profit: you can only ever do so once. Hold on to it until you’re certain you know what you want, which might well end up being an RP decision rather than a mechanical one. Or maybe even keep it a secret forever - that’s a valid choice, too.

No one’s addressed this part of the question, but the answer is no. Selling or keeping the secret has no impact on the cave or your access thereunto.

Thank you all very usefull Nadir cave tips. I’ve set up a goal to raise Great game renown so that was my driver for location sale.

Do older Exceptional Stories not have the “This is the end of…” text at the end? I just played through Where You and I Must Go and didn’t see it.

Some of them didn’t have that text. “Where You and I Must Go” is one of these.

Exceptional Stories have been becoming more explicit in general about the consequences of your actions over the last couple of years (e.g., &quotEviscerating the Avuncular Milliner is a permanent decision. Do not make this choice if you prefer to buy hats from a friendly gent&quot). Personally, I’m a fan, although YMMV.

Please tell that’s an actual example?

Kudos to you for capturing that element of FBG’s house style perfectly.

Is there a guidance for cashing out favours?

You’re looking for this (with thanks to Phryne)


And if you’re looking for more of a guidance than a guide - conflict cards are the best way, with a couple of exceptions: Docks favours are insanely profitable when used for expedition supplies when used for the Tomb of the Silken Thread (provided you have enough watchful to 100% the Bucaneering challenge), Revolutionaries have an extremely profitable cash out by Calling them In in the flit with the caveat that it’s card-based (unlike every other location’s Calling In Favours storylet), and Urchins can be cashed out for Scraps on the same card which is extremely helpful if grinding for the high-end relicker items.

Finally, while the most profitable Society cash out is still through a conflict card, if you do wanna Call In your society favours that’s best done at the Court as long as you have at least six; but Society favours are also extremely useful for raising your Scheme in the Salon, for later use in generating burst MW.