Weekly Fallen London Questions, 12/02/2024

Here’s this week’s thread for quick FL Q&As!

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How do I reach the area from which you can access you name in f.f. gebrant’s address book? I know it’s in the waswoods, but the only options it’s giving me are the mithridacy rising ones, delving into memory and reaching for the shore. How do I get to where I need to be to get the item? Thank you in advance.

There should be an option about the Lost Histories of London, gated by a world quality called the Sacrobuscan Calendar.

The event that’s available by the Sacrobuscan Calendar rotates on a weekly basis. Revisiting the GCO, the one you’re interested in, is not currently available. The one that’s available is the reopening of Arbor. Rotations happen on Thursday, and according to the Wiki the GCO is the next one up.

Note that there is a one-week cooldown for doing the Sacrobuscan Calendar event. So if you re-live the opening of Arbor today, you won’t be able to experience the GCO until this time next week. Which is fine, it will stick around until next Thursday, but just making sure you’re aware of that.

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O-kay, thank you for explaining that, friend-i was really confused :sweat_smile:

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Anidiot is actually looking for the Opening of the Prelapsarian Museum, which is the week after the GCO. The GCO does have a lot of quite good items attached to it, but the address book is not one of them.


Well then thank you very much for correcting!

The address book also requires an Oneiric Pearl, which can be annoying to get.

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I actually have one prepared from betwixt us and the sun, so that shouldn’t be a problem, but thank you for your advice.

As long as we’re discussing questions about the Waswood:

If one possesses the Viscount’s/Viscountess’ Bejewelled Collar, and subsequently plays through the Fruits of the Zee to obtain the other, can one possess both simultaneously or is the first consumed?

(I suspect the former, but prefer to remove any uncertainty.)

Worry not, you can get both.


Can we edit the header on our Journal entries after they’ve been saved?

I don’t believe so, no - we can only delete the old entry and save a new one with the desired header.