Weekly Fallen London Questions,10/09/2018

Tuesday again? No problem… here’s this week’s thread for quick questions!

[quote=Sir Frederick]Tuesday again?[/quote]What are your plans for Wednesday, delicious players?

A lore question: is His Amused Lordship based off a historical figure? I’d always been under the impression he was the Empress’ consort, for reasons long-forgotten, but on second thoughts I must’ve been mistaken. He seems a singular enough personality to have been inspired by history.

The Jaunty Mystic has just been recognized by society as a Person of Some Importance. Now she has to contend with a flood of invitations and meetings and solicitations… One would think that being Important would reduce all that infuriating paperwork! So she’s been taking refuge in the Labyrinth of Tigers (no surprise) and the University (much to her surprise). Imagine that, giving lectures is more idyllic than wrangling the demands of society. Psh on society!

As usual, the Shifty Spectre is who knows where in London, doing who knows what… but one might notice a surprising migration of labourers from one End to another Quarter…
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What is the process behind an Exceptional Story?

In what sense? They release the last Thursday of each month, anyone subscribed can play the active story at any time, and stories come in sets of three with a bonus epilogue. If you want different information, you’ll have to be more specific.

Erm, sorry. I was asking about the “creative process” such as when do they start thinking about a story, why each story has a certain theme or plot, what hoops said story has to jump through before it becomes ready, and so on and so forth.

Well, they usually follow a theme per season.

For example, the Season of Adorations deals with love; unconditional devotion (In Pursuit of Moths), family (Murgatroyd Formula), and friendship (The Rat-Catcher).

The rest are more internal.

Actually, if I remember rightly, Emily Short has some information about story construction, etc. on her website (along with links to her games) I read it some time ago, so don’t recall details. Website is here:


Otherwise, this seems a question you might ask on Failbetter’s own blog?


I am aware that someone from this community moved on to writing, so the Fabularities section of this website may also lead to more information.

His Amused Lordship seems to be based on Brian Blessed in terms of design, to me he also seems to have a touch of Sir Richard Burton the explorer.

What does the “Greyfields” in “Greyfields 1882” mean?

The &quotvineyard&quot, obviously.

A field of grey mushrooms, maybe? I wonder what a Victorian underground mushroom farm would look like.

The &quotvineyard&quot, obviously.[/quote]

But what, exactly, is &quotGreyfields&quot?

It’s either the mushroom varietal (like pinot noir or Merlot) or the particular vineyard.

The &quotvineyard&quot, obviously.[/quote]

But what, exactly, is &quotGreyfields&quot?[/quote]
It’s just the name of the vineyard. Not really that much more abstract than many estate names up here on the earths crust and so far there isn’t any lore attached to it particularly