Weekly Fallen London Questions, 07/05/2018

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

Is Time, the Healer, behaving oddly for anyone else? Mine used to come at six o’clock, but this week it came at a quarter past seven. It’s been going on for a month or so, now.

If a server problem delays your Time the Healer, it doesn’t get fixed once the servers are back up. That’s your new time.

Mine has moved about a bit, over the years. It has had the decency to remain on a Monday for the entire time, though.

Ah, I see. Thank you. I’ll just have to live with it, then.

Yes, it will just keep moving and moving. How much - depends on when it is relative to server problems. It will move differently for different people. I think mine moved more than 10 days already.

This makes me wonder, why isn’t it just a fixed time for everyone?

It’s based on when the account is created, which is different for everyone.

As for why, probably to spread out server load.

And mine’s just about wrapped around an entire week. Not quite though.

I wrote to support the first time this happened to me. TtH had failed to turn up for several days (around the time the mobile version became available). The response was that the creation of new living stories had made the move necessary. Overall, the day has moved by roughly a week over two years.

Just one hour forward, a month ago, is probably because the clocks changed from GMT to BST in the UK.

Other times it will be server issues.

How often are Ambitions updated? I just ended mine so far.

Up until now - every few years.

Can you swap out your connected pet anytime you like, or do you need to wait for the current pet’s card first for the get-rid-of-it option? I hoping to boost the frequency of a certain favor.
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You can only have one connected pet - so you need to wait for your current pet’s card.

Will kickstarter rewards ever become available to players for Fate? i.e., membership of the Temple Club or The Surgeon’s Daughter. It’s been a number of years since they were given out as kickstarter rewards and it would be cool if they eventually became normal Fate-locked stories.

Up until now - every few years.[/quote]
I was afraid of that.

I’m working on Poet Laureate and grinding up Tribute to unlock all the tigers of the Court. Are there any other new post game opportunities?

I just got back from a break a few months long – are there better echo-grinding opportunities than the Tribute grind, or has nothing much changed?

Nothing much has changed these few months.