Weekly Fallen London Questions, 06/01/2020

Here’s this year’s quick questions thread!

How worthwhile is it to grow your plant? Should I focus on growing it and participating in the Tournament of Lilies, or would it be better to sell it and trim my deck?

If you grow it to 18, you will entirely stop getting cards for it. If you get rid of it, you will still have that first (admittedly uncommon) card in your deck. So if you want to trim your deck, grow it.
As for the tournament, well, do as you like :P

Growing your plant and participating in the Tournament is a horrible EPA grind and is by no means useful for game mechanics (unless you are pursuing a certain ambition or you are looking to … ah … get a head in life). That said, there is some mighty fun text when your plant is nearing maturity.

I agree With Lady Byron in that the different scenarios you can experience as the plant nears maturity are great, albeit macabre. Some cool rewards accompany that which are very difficult to find elsewhere.

Once it’s fully mature the cards disappear and I’ve never partaken in the tournament. No need to.


I had asked this elsewhere but didn’t see a response:

When does “Explore the Festive Season” storylet disappear?


The Tournament is not a high profit grind, but I find it fun sometimes, and as suinicide says, you are free of one card if you max out your Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant quality (the max is 19, by the way) and DON’T DO the Tournament (because if you lose a Tournament round, your plant stat is damaged and you start getting cards again to allow you to &quotgrow it out&quot again).
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I figure you might as well grow the plant, slowly, and eventually enter the tournament and play until you win one (or a few, if you want to read the text for the different victory options).

It’s not something that earns you money, of course. But it does have some unique text that you can’t get any other way (all the plant cards); and it does have some unique items you can’t get any other way. And those are the main appeals of Fallen London, aren’t they? Cool text, and collecting stuff.

So I’d say play the cards! Don’t grind them or anything, don’t worry about finding the items for them if you aren’t able to get them easily, but slowly work your way up to Plant Level 19 as you get the cards. And then play the tournament, and eventually get your rosette.

After all - why not?

Question about lore please.
Is &quotslavery&quot as term accepted in Fallen London, or having a slave ok?
Or citizens rather use terms like personal assistant, debt repayer, handicap urchin, rubbery toy etc…

And if you want to insult rubbery creature, which words are most common?
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I used the Oracle of Lintel to divine a destiny and now I’m standing before the Gate of Tears and have to see that my desired future is the only one locked with a quality I do not have yet. Alas, the “Perhaps not”-button is nowhere to be seen. Is there still a way for me to back out or did I truly miss my chance to get my desired destiny here?

It seems no one knows enough to give me some advice about this situation, which isn’t exactly unexpected. Might it be prudent to pester the support about it?
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Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible to back out of choosing a destiny.

Certainly not in polite (and even impolite) society. The Slave Trade Act of 1807 prohibited the slave trade in the British Empire and the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 made the purchase or ownership of slaves in the British Empire (with a few exceptions) illegal. So most Londoners have lived their lives in a society averse to slavery. Also, I can’t think of any explicit references to slavery in game text.

That said, many Clay Men are essentially slaves (even if called servants and paid a nominal wage for their work) and there is other text that I read as people actually or potentially being held in slavery (although this is done in secret and would probably outrage most Londoners if it came to light).
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Putting this post in a spoiler box to see if and when they work again.[/spoiler]

Thanks to Failbetter for putting me out of my misery (thus allowing me to put myself into more misery. Though I certainly have been spared the particular misery of another notability grind)!
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Thank you all for your answers about the plant. I have another quick question to celebrate Cora’s recent marriage before the Feast starts. Are there any actions in the game that can get you in trouble with your spouse like having trysts with your officers in Sunless Sea? Or should I consider her marriage to be a relatively open one?

I have not seen any such thing, but then again I do not partake in much romance nowadays.

[quote=phryne]Apparently, spoiler tags are currently not working anywhere on the forum.[/quote]Getting back to this, I’d just like to know whether it’s just me or are other people having problems with the forum software right now?

I’m using Opera and for a couple days now spoiler tags aren’t working anymore, among a few other weird little things.
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Your spoiler’s showing as it should for me in Firefox, Chrome and Edge - could be an Opera issue?

@ phryne
Okay for me on Firefox latest. A browser I’ve found very good in similar situations has been Vivaldi – I use it for various sites Firefox struggles with. Requires a fair bit of tailoring to personal preferences.