Weekly Fallen London Questions, 04/05/2020

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

What’s the best way to get positional advantage to 23? I get close, but always come up short to it.

I think you have to spend resources. Some Professions have extra moves they can perform which might allow simple progress, but as a general rule I would just load up on Vital Intelligence. You can get Vital Intelligence from Heists: your target is the Circumspect Envoy, and I believe you select the documents related to Vesture.

Spending Vital Intelligence. It’s the most reliable and quickest method.

If you have Chess: Mastery of the game 100 (so, you won 100 normal chess matches back in London) then you can “open with a familiar move” which will get you 3 positional advantages in the early game. Do it twice and you’ll start the midgame up by 6. That helps a lot.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Spending Vital Intelligence. It’s the most reliable and quickest method.[/quote]

Specifically, you spend Vital Intelligence to get Vienna Openings. In the early game you can spend Vienna Openings to get Positional Advantages.

Speaking of chess, any advice for getting Stalemate?

A healthy stockpile of moves in the great game and justificande coins for guaranteed +1 or -1 to position. Then try to end the the first two moves of the early game at either 0 or an odd number from zero as you’ll have 5 moves left and all options shift the score by odd numbers. For example, you could try for a success at the player of chess check or even use a vienna opening and then follow up with observing the pieces for a guaranteed point of failure. From there use whatever combination of the +/-1 or +/-3 checks plus moves in the game or justificande coins to balance it out to zero.

[quote=Ixc]Speaking of chess, any advice for getting Stalemate?[/quote]Something from Reddit too. :)

How to get a Ray-Drenched Cinder, if I’ve already unlocked the Nadir (long, long ago)? I guess I should grind some activities in the Forgotten Quarter, but is there any more-or-less reliable way?

Seeking Curious, whose options cycle with Airs, has two actions which give a Skull on rare success (specifically, See the Sights and Wander the Quarter). Alternatively, the Shrine expedition (the 20 supplies one) has a rare success giving a skull instead of the normal expedition rewards.
I have no idea which of the two is the fastest way.

Nooooope. That said, there were options to pay Fate during past Hallowmas events, but they have since been retired.

Both have considerable factors of luck.
The Forgotten Quarter option has the Airs randomization, which means that the options that could yield the Skulls may not be around all the time, and the Deep Shrine Expedition only makes a result roll at the end.of the expedition.
It’s probably best to combine both, just so to make some moolah while trying to chance the Skulls.
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Thanks. So, on average it takes 140 actions to get 1 Skull, which means 700 actions for a Ray-Drenched Cinder. My ambition proves to be b***y expensive, I might say.

How long has the currency section been in the inventory? It has to be new, cause I never noticed it before.

It’s from May 1, they did it to make the Possessions page clearer. ‘Osteology’ is also a new category.

The dice roll seems relatively benign to me. I’m not looking for skulls but have come away with three over the past few weeks. You’d have to do something other than turn cards after a while, though, since the deck would be blocked. But again, it can take four or five days until they start showing up.

You’re better off just grinding renown:revolutionaries to get your ray-drenched cinder, since you’ll want to do that eventually for other reasons anyway.


Is the “Presumptuous Little Opportunity” card the only (non-fate) way to obtain a vial of tears of the Bazaar?

You can also get it during Christmas in the Cave of Nadir