We are working on the Ambition conclusions.

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Ooh. That will be nice.

Finally, a reckoning will not be postponed. At least mine won’t.

I was just thinking about this yesterday! Delicious news!

The hype train is now departing Moloch Station. All aboard!

[quote=Hannah Flynn][color=#0066ff]No further announcement at this point, just thought you’d like to know.[/color]


I thought you never stopped working on that :D

Fabulous news! Perhaps these will be included among the ten year anniversary celebrations.


Are you able to share how completing one ambition may or not preclude us from experiencing any of the others? I’ve enjoyed two thus far to their content boundaries. I’d like to do the same with the others. Easy enough since they’re incomplete, but I don’t know if once completed, taking any one ambition to its conclusion will lock the others.

May be premature for you to comment, but thought I would ask nonetheless.


Oh this is great news! Thank you!
To be honest, I am happy I 've come to know the characters in my Ambition better through events and ES before concluding it. Having done so many things with Virgina, the Bishop and the Topsy King in the meantime adds depth to what’s to come.
My personal Heart’s Desire, is to have the opportunity to pursue other Ambitions once our first is finally concluded. A huge, ready-made stack of content for us older players would feel fantastic and add something to work for. I imagine it would bring lots of other players who are in hiatus back, too.

Best news :inlove:

There are some problems with this, though. Nemesis and Light Fingers are written as being the thing which drew you to the Neath; they involve a Surface death and a Surface contact. How could one reasonably start them after years in the Neath? It’s awkward to say, &quotOh, I came down to find my brother’s murderer, but I got sidetracked for a few years by this wicked poker game.&quot It’s yea more impossibly awkward to say, &quotWell, I had come down to find my brother’s murderer, but I also came down with a lead on a fabulous treasure. I decided to do that first.&quot

This could, I suppose, be sidestepped by letting a post-Ambition player start only Heart’s Desire or Bag a Legend. However, how would the Heart’s Desire player feel about that? Effectively, doing either of these first becomes the bad choice, and we start telling all the Surfacers to start with Nemesis or Light Fingers. That is, I think, hardly what they were designed for.

Why does there have to be one reason for journeying to the Neath? People are complex, often with conflicting and/or competing motivations. One could easily say that leads for one goal went cold with an apparent dead end, while the embers warmed for another. One could also easily say that a surface contact had been linked to both rumors of a lost treasure and had a lead on who might know something about the murderer.

There are many ways to approach it.


[color=#0066ff]We’re giving all of these things due consideration, but we don’t have anything else we can say right now. We just didn’t want to sit on the news anymore![/color]

[quote=Hannah Flynn][color=#0066ff]just thought you’d like to know.[/color][/quote]You think so? :D Frigging great news!

[quote=Siankan]There seems to be a problem with the forum: I can only like this once. :D[/quote] Yes, forums are broken! We need something like Medium where you can send multiple claps/likes.
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I’m so terribly intrigued how it will be solved and concluded!

Considering that my character’s heart’s desire is either:
a) the Liberation of Night (liberté, égalité, eternal abyssal darkness!)
b) another player’s heart’s desire (actually, how about two? how about all seven of us?)
…it will break the reality in any case, I guess. Yay. :naughty:

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you know maybe at the end they’ll give us a jewel the size of a cow and let those who just wanted some lighthearted thievery to forget all this Lovecraftian nonsense (obviously I’m joking no one can forget the orphanage)

Let’s also take a lesson from last year’s Hallowmas discussion: the moment you can do more than one option, a completionist pressure arises to do all the things. I’ve heard complaints before about how everyone in the game is an inescapable, magnificent, lethal, midnight superman past a certain point. The Ambitions have been different, have been character-defining choices, precisely because you couldn’t just take up another one (at least without Fate intervening). If we are allowed to cycle through them, then the natural way of things is for all of us to become inescapable, magnificent, lethal, midnight, Vake-hunting card players with dead brothers and giant diamonds. I am not sure that is a direction that the game wants to go.

But why not? The game is not a role-playing game, though it has wonderful elements of that. When you start playing, no matter how you think of your character, you have to become a thief, a burglar, a smuggler, a criminal lord, an artist, a monster hunter, a detective… all at once. Which doesn’t make sense, but that’s how we play it. All of us have written stories at Veilgarden, become the one who robbed the bazaar, took down Jack of Knives etc, governed Port Carnelian etc Not to mention the ES, where all of us do the same earth-shattering thing on the same week.
What I am saying is, if the Ambitions were the ES of the month, we would simply play them: it wouldn’t matter that our character was never one for jewels, or card games, or dead relatives. And we wouldn’t mind other players got similar stories.
To add to that, how many people retain their Ambition as their sole background and reason they came to the Neath? I know I liked Heart’s Desire but when the time came to actually think why Jolanda is in the Neath, I thought of a different story for her.
Also, if someone has already fulfilled an ambition, I am pretty the quality can re-direct them to a different beginning point for each Ambition.

Of course, the major reason for wanting this, is the fact that we are always hungering for content, and Ambitions are (so far) wonderfully written and lore-significant stories sitting there just out of reach.

I for one would like to see the other ambitions. It would make sense for the character to be involved with other nonsense since returning to the surface is probably super hard after completing your ambition. Why not hunt a vake?