Was robbing the drunken rat changed?

I just robbed &quotA Furious and Incoherent Rat&quot with modified Shadowy 257 and got only 100 Fistfuls of Surface Currency, where usually it gives 128.

I’ve had a similar occurrence before, but then the next time it was the usual amount. Has this happened to anyone else?

Picture here: https://i.imgur.com/B7tbMZJ.png

Working fine with 265 Shadowy and got 132. I think something similar has happened to me once and it’s probably due to sync issues.

It has happened to me several times as well. If you have enough Someone is Coming to rob the rat a second time straight, you’ll see the second (and third and fourth) time you do get floor(Shadowy/2). I associated it with equipping your Shadowy gear just for performing this action (in contrast to having spent several actions with your Shadowy gear already on). For some reason, it sometimes uses your natural Shadowy (or maybe your previous modified Shadowy).

I contacted support back in 2016 about this but the guy running my ticket didn’t seem able to replicate the issue. Ah, well, it’s a minor glitch anyway.

This has never happened to me that I’ve noticed and I’ve used it a lot. The theory of switching outfits and requiring 1 action before it being updated properly sounds plausible to me, though; I’m never in Spite unless I’m robbing rats, and I usually switch outfits before I move locations. IIRC, switching london locations is considered to be an action by the game, just one that doesn’t cost any action points.

It has often happened to me when I went 1) go to the spite and pick the storylet 2) realize I don’t have proper outfit 3) switch tab, switch costume, switch tab bak 4) play the branch

It has almost never happened when I went 1) I want to rob a rat! 2) change costume 3) travel to spite 4) storylet, branch

I presume timing shenanigans between server instances.

Yeah, the issue isn’t that you have to take an action first, it’s that you have to be patient. It takes a couple seconds for the server to process an outfit change and update your stats, so it’s possible to go back to the storylet and play an option before this happens. You can see this with difficult stat challenges; you can switch to an outfit that has a 100% chance but switch back and play the challenge while it’s not guaranteed.

I’m not sure it’s the same issue though – I (almost) always wait for the outfit to properly apply because I’m aware of this delay. It’s pretty obvious anyway since for those few seconds the slots are fitted with the old outfit and the stats in the sidebar have the old bonuses applied. I’ll play around with this the next time I free some rats from their riches, though.
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