Warm Amber

Hello there everyone,

I am fairly new to Fallen London but I found myself with some Warm Amber (x3) and I don’t really need it, but I also can’t sell it at the Bazaar, it doesn’t even appear on goods, weapons or my things. I am not sure if it is a bug or the game is made that way. Although that if it’s made that way I don’t seen much logic in stacking Warm Ambers.

Thanks for any help previously!

It should appear as a weapon which gives +1 Persuasive. There’s an opportunity available to trade a piece of Warm Amber for a small quantity of Deep Amber and some Connected: Rubbery. Light Fingers also requires a piece, but that’s at the very end of the currently-available Ambition content, so as a beginning player you won’t see that for a fair while.

In my inventory it appears as a weapon and I use it as such, but on the bazaar it does not appears.
Thanks anyway!

Ah, you meant in the bazaar. Many items can’t be sold there—respectable people don’t deal in such things, you see.

Oh, I got it now. Thank you!

I have more warm amber than I know what to do with. Does anyone know how I can get rid of some of it? I have only seen the opportunity card once.

Why not keep it?
I seem to get the card loads. But I’m kind to rubbery creatures, they seem to follow me around.

If you have Warm Amber you’re bound to get the card where “A Rubbery Man lopes purposefully in your wake, tentacles dangling like hanged men’s fingers”. Give him the Warm Amber in exchange for 100 Deep Amber. Seems like a good deal at lower levels, but it does cost an extra action to actually cash in on every piece of Warm Amber, so maybe not such a good deal after all.

And since I no longer get the “Dragsman’s work” card, I no longer get any Warm Amber. So despite not wanting the previously mentioned rubbery man card to clutter my ‘deck’ (and I draw it quite often), I’m keeping my last piece of Warm Amber just in case. (And since I have the Light Fingers ambition, I guess I’ll actually need it some day.)

Supposedly it’s possible to get Warm Amber from a rare success when accepting Deep Amber from “A limping figure in a top hat beckons”, but that has yet to happen to me. Though for a long time I stupidly discarded those cards, thinking that paying “Connected: Rubbery Men” for Deep Amber was a bad deal. It is, but somehow I had forgotten or missed the 2 x Sudden Insight which I consider well worth the cost.

Warm ambers can be exchanged for 6 first city coins and a drop in connected:rubbery (5-10 CP or so) if you do Heart’s desire, and have less than 77 first city coins.

Gillsing - the last 3-action option on Preparing for a Heist in The Flit (arrange a decoy) gives a Bundle of Oddities that fairly often turns out to be Warm Amber.[li]
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Ahh. I’ll take a look when I get around to heists then. Thanks! :)