Ware Serpents!

Even if they are so dapper as this one…

BFW note: Edited to be spoiler hidden because it’s actually a gif of a snake. Even if it’s a very cute and pleasing one, it might bother people who don’t take the message subject literally.

edited by babelfishwars on 3/24/2014

Sorry! I’ll try and be more thoughtful in the future. :(

It’s a lovely snake. I’m pleased to meet him. Don’t look so forlorn!

That moustache is not smug. (The snake is adorable!)

“ALL THE LITTLE SNAKE’S NEW FRIENDS spoke fondly of the place outside the mirror. And the little snake thought: what if I could walk there among all my friends-to-be? They need not leave. We would be all so very happy. But I may not walk in my own skin. So perhaps my friends shall lend me their skin…” ~ Order Serpentine, Silent

What a cute snake!

I hope this catches up to Easter but I found a Hound of Heaven cosplay.



Such a pious snake, celebrating the resurrection of Christ (and in an absolutely adorable way)!

The Gates of Hell shall tremble!