Waiting for the Wry Functionary?


I am still fairly new to the world of FL and finding my way with great delight. I seek a point of clarity. (Don’t we all?)

I would love, at some point, to make the acquaintance of the wry functionary. I think I am correct in saying that this will take a certain amount of patience? And that patience is probably best rewarded if I hang about Veilgarden? There’s an opportunity card that needs to come along?

I’ve tried to read through what I can find on the forum and this is what I find. I just thought that before I park myself in Veilgarden I would check that this is likely, in time, to result in an introduction. (As I aspire to authorship it is no hardship to hang about Veilgarden.)

Thanks so much for all advices. (And do feel free to tell me that the wry functionary is hardly worth the time.)

Hepzibah Gordon


There are actually several ways to make his acquaintance, though you’ll want to be able to reach the Shuttered Palace first for all of these, I believe.

  • Here’s the easiest: Once you’re a POSI, you can visit him at his work and meet him in a very straightforward manner.
  • Before that, you can also find him playing cards This card, which I assume you’re referring to, is noted as a Persuasive 57-87 opportunity card - it’s not listed as being Veilgarden only though..
  • Lastly, if you’re a Belle of the Ball, have a seat and write some letters - you may find him responding to you.

Ah well. I am not a POSI. I am a person of but little consequence thus far. Which means my persuasive is actually too high to get that card anyway! I shall defer meeting the wry functionary and enjoy my humble status. Though I might go poke about the palace–I do have access to that. Thanks.

You can always reduce your stats(persuasive in this case) with the talkative rattus and hunt for the card while you have him as your companion(you can buy him from the Bazaar, he is very cheap).

Where is this option now? I no longer see it in the Veilgarden. Has the content update moved it or changed its requirements?

Pretty sure this was removed.

[li]To my surprise and delight, I find I am NOW a POSI. Had no idea I was so close. I shall go in search of the wry functionary at his workplace, wherever that is![/li]Many thanks to all who chimed in,


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@Shapjul: Congratulations! Check out the Janissary Guard thread, we love entertaining new PoSI.

– Mal

[quote=malthaussen]@Shapjul: Congratulations! Check out the Janissary Guard thread, we love entertaining new PoSI.

– Mal[/quote]

I will look for the thread. I take it that would be here in the bazaar?


Mandrake, since it recruits people.

– Mal