Visitors at Hallowmass

Nope, you’ve just gotta get lucky.

[quote=Urthdigger]RNG being fickle or no, this seems to be about on par with a super-rare, which is quite frustrating for something that is only available for a limited time.

I am starting to wonder if there is some other pre-requisite I am missing. Do I need to have 10 fate on hand? A nightmares of precisely 5, not 6? Making Waves kept below a certain amount?[/quote]

I think it’s just luck. Fate not needed, definitely. Making Waves above 5. Nightmares 5 or above but not so high it drives you mad. And LUCK.
Main account has pulled it once (but I wasted on getting a fish). One alt hasn’t had it at all. Other alt has had it about 3 times. Been flipping many many cards for all of them. Main account has all the stats and bits, alts are very low level have almost nothing.

With the amount I’ve been drawing it, I can’t say it’s a super-rare. I’ve been getting them about as much as I get any dream card - not particularly common, but by no means rare, either.

Both my alt and my main have had it at least ten times. :| I drew it three times in the same six-card stack once.

face boggle

I’m sorry. D: I would happily, happily give you them if I could. If it’s any consolation, the card I’m looking for has been eluding me for ten days now.

[quote=streetfelineblue]it is the player who plays, not the character, so it is usually better to choose the option that the player likes most, than the one more suited to the character.[quote]

It’s not a question of trying to angle a plot element into an invented backstory – it’s finding that what began as an apparatus to play a game in my browser has popped out into an independent character, with recognizable, consistent traits. That’s an All Soul’s Eve treat if I’ve ever heard of one. No need nor desire to trick her into some other shape, because she’s evidently got one of her own. :)

My character has such an intimate relationship with the Drownies and Seeking, I couldn’t imagine a better option for him.

I sincerely hope to someday partake of the Drownies’ Feast.

Perhaps that would quell my hunger. Perhaps I would only hunger for more.

I’m a bit torn between the Bishop option and the Chill of the Void. I have the Visitor card in hand, so maybe I’ll wait to see what one does before making my final decision. Alternatively my alt could draw the card again so that I don’t have to worry about making this decision, but I’m not counting on it.

Well, after… what, a week of constant flipping? I finally managed to get the card. Picked the bishop in the end, as I only had the one fish. Otherwise I would have picked the seeking option.

Well, everything is out and I’ve echoed my results for any who want to see.

Well, the Bishop’s path certainly was odd. Though I wonder what to make of the other choices? A magician, a queen and a master?

In the wake of the discussion on the Wiki constraints, I was wondering, why don’t we (or at least people versed in FL mysteries) use the Wiki not just to put the outcomes of the storylets but to create real entries Wikipedia-style (description, facts -with references-, eventually conjectures…) on the various topics (places, characters, concepts, etc.) reuniting the knowledge of the many Neath experts here?

Yes, I believe that nail has been hit solidly on the head. The wikidot site has made a slight attempt at that with the Masters pulldown in the main bar. It’s certianly the type of content we desire to have in the wiki, properly spoiler tagged where appropriate, and with references instead of text dumps.

I chose the most infernal options I could find, and after spending Wednesday in Parabola, I’m no longer allowed in the Forgotten Quarter! The Devils sound the horn and chase me whenever I venture down there. Perhaps my destiny of Appetite offends them… but I did choose the devil. Hm.

Strange, that should depend on the state of your soul, not the choice mad in Parabola. Perchance, does your soul bear a stain?


D’oh! That option set up an infernal contract, so my soul is sold… and stained too… wonder how that’s going to pan out ;/ It won’t be boring.

Don’t go to the Forgotten Quarter.

Don’t go to the Forgotten Quarter … until you get your soul back.