Venture: uncover hidden tattoos

Is this a new chain of storylets? I just found it in Veilgarden, and it wasn’t available before. Some of the storylets looks a bit… unfinished, as well. Notes in capitals about &quotFIND OUT ABOUT X AN Y&quot things. There are a great deal of interesting options for progressing… anyone else playing this?

It sounds like an unfinished revision (possibly tied to teh renewed interest in the Clathermont stories.)

I recall doing it a couple months ago.

It seems…yes, yes, I do believe it is a new group of stories. At the very least it seems to be updating a few older stories and Ventures. I am action poor right now but I have been following a few branches with interest. There seem to be new ties to matters involving The Great Game and new areas as well that I cannot wait to pursue.[li]

It seems a bunch of lower level GG-ish spy things have been combined into it, but it does say that finishing it will graduate to a higher level sort of story.

I have to agree, several lower-level stories have been mixed together and newer lore has been sprinkled within. Very tasty. Why, were I still in possession of my soul, I might leap happily about from feeling young again upon seeing these old-yet-new storylets.[li]

Take care, though, it seems the workmen are still about hanging curtain and the like. I’ve run into one area where an important bit of text was missing. (And, yes, I have reported it.)

Sort of looks like the devs hit the “publish” button a little too soon, eh? Not that I’m complaining.

Yeah, looks different today than it did yesterday. Some options vanished and whatnot.

Still, excited to see how this turns out. Nom, more tasty storywords to consume.

[color=#ff9900]We’re sprucing up some Veilgarden content, and some halfwit* failed to lock one of the ways in.
[color=#ff9900]Nothing to see here, move along, please.[/color][color=#ff9900]
[color=#ff9900]Everyone who’s been in there and poking about - unmarked black vans will shortly pull up outside your residences and places of work. Please accompany the polite, black-suited agents without unpleasantness. Memory alteration is relatively comfortable, these days.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]* me[/color]
edited by Chris Gardiner on 4/10/2014

Ah, but this has turned into a delicious tease. I can’t wait to see!

That was fun. I am looking forward to some more interesting ways to gain Persuasive. I’ve left that poor stat languishing as of late.

I actually played one of the options through yesterday … bit puzzling, since some of the story bits had misspellings and/or were not complete or had no text at all. Still, interesting stuff. Can’t wait for the official opening.[li]

Should the Black Maria filled with Special Constables come a-calling, let me state that I shall now dose myself with sweet, sweet Oblivion <glug, glug, cough snort

What was I saying? Ah, well. If it’s important enough, it’ll come back to me eventually … or not.