Velocipede Squad

Does anyone know what stories close off the Velocipede Squad’s repeatable quests?[li]

I am guessing the fate-locked content is the main avenue. What about re-opening the Jack of Smiles story?

As far as I’m aware, only the fate locked story involving them can close the Velocipede Squad’s repeatable quests. I don’t think the jack of smiles story does. (And it is highly recommended to do the Jack of smiles story first, as the Velocipede Squad’s aid makes it far easier.)

I admit that my memory isn’t exact when it comes to this though.

Could someone let me know (by PM to avoid fate-locked spoilers on the forum) which options for the end of the Fate section of the Velocipede Squad will close off the cycle for the Squad? I’ve had the final storylet for it sitting open, waiting for my decision, but I don’t want to lose the ability to cycle around. Any hints from those more experienced would be greatly appreciated.

I started on the Jack of Smiles story and can confirm that it doesn’t close off the Velocipede Squad.