Valuable Items

What kind of valuable items do you currently have? When I say valuable I mean 12.50 echo worth or higher. Fate locked items that are worth less count too, like Knobs of Scintillack.

I am fairly proud of my Judgements’ Egg for it’s significant lore value. If we’re talking about pure monetary value, the Dreadful Surmise wins out with 312.50 Echoes. Funnily enough, both of these items come from the same (admittedly elongated) ES.

I have 3 Night Whispers, 1 Searing Enigma, 1 Elemental Secret, 1 Fragment of the Tragedy Procedures, and a bunch of Antique Mysteries.

Out of sheer boredem, I’ve decided to start hording Uncanny Incunabulums. So far I’ve only got 40, but soon I will have a library that will take up a whole building. And a few searing enigmas in the shame corner.

I’m rather proud of my trove of 50 Magnificent Diamonds. I’m sure it’s not the largest collection out there but it’s enough to grab with two fists and shower over myself while laughing maniacally, which is all I really want in life.[li]

I have more expensive single items but they don’t give me the same visceral delight because you cannot shower yourself in a bottle of M-----'s B—d. Or… well, if you did, I wouldn’t want to know about it.

Items worth at least 12.5 echoes? Well I have about three pages worth on the sell tab. According to the goat farmer extension I have about 10k echoes in spare items, which does include cheaper things but ignores the reserved items like my ten Tears of the Bazaar or two Vials of MB…

Funny enough, my Strange-Shore Parabola Frock is my single most valuable item at 470 Echoes.

Of the 312.50 E items, I currently have 4 Tears of the Bazaar, 3 Elemental Secrets, 2 Dreadful Surmises and one Coruscating Soul, Intriguer’s Compendium, Ray-Drenched Cinder, Ivory Organza, Semiotic Monocle and Starstone Demark each. I used to have Master’s Blood and Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell (1,500 Echoes each) but gave them up for something or other.

My net worth is, at this very moment, 22,521.56 Echoes.

Apparently, I’m rich. ;)

That I am actually proud of? My Breath of the Void, fluke core, Uber-Goat, Vial of Masters Blood, and last but likely least, my Bat with Attitude.

A shame most of them do not have any uses whatsoever, but that is aside the point… I think.
edited by Koenig on 6/6/2016

I have quite the collection of high value items. I haven’t spent any scrap for the 1.5k echo items but I have a Fluke-Core, Impossible Theorem, and two Vials of Master’s Blood (still waiting to trade one for a Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book). Also have an Ubergoat. But if you multiply the number of an item that I have with it’s value my current highest set is 152 Coruscating Souls clocking in at a total value of 47,500 echoes.

I guess the valuable items that I am proudest of are my 77 Searing Enigmas (Seekers will understand); the 3 Impossible Theorems and 3 Ray Drenched Cinders (all acquired through collecting Eyeless Skulls)

My most valuable would be the Overgoat, but what I value most presently is my Fragment of the Tragedy Procedures. Arrangements must be made for every reckoning.

I suppose my most special valuable item is my Classic Short Story. Even though it sells for only 180 echoes, it cost maybe 300 echoes of goods to make.

I’m most proud of my Impossible Theorem, but I’m saving up for a breath of the void.

I’m rather proud of my thirty vials of tears of the bazaar- perhaps that’s enough to poison a master. I didn’t spend any fate to get them, which improves the achievement, i think.

(currently focusing on connections instead given the change to renown systems, but i am approaching #31.)

My Letter from the Empress, along with the fact that I still have at least 1 of my over 62.5 echo items (and duplicates of several of them) even after paying for a wedding and an Overgoat in the space of a few weeks.

I’m with Israfel in being most proud of my Fragment. According to the &quotThe Net Worth of All My Items&quot console command, I have more then 32K Echoes worth of stuff, but none give me more pride.