Vague gripe: Unfinished hat

OK, so I acceded to the Clay Man and created the Unfinished Hat with his essence: I feel rather abused. Shelling out for the exceptional hat as the game suggested, OK; going through the time and expense of repeatedly raising Investigating… to 13, OK - but then to have it reduced to something with MUCH lower stats after absorbing Clay-ness? [Never mind that it’s a pet and so grossly inferior to my existing menagerie.] I guess my suspicion, in part, is that maybe this got accidentally left out of the general improvement to hats and pets, falling between the two stools?[li]

Anyway, hardly a major deal. But definitely irritating. Anyone else feeling the same way?

Hm…yeah, looks like the Dangerous bonus hasn’t been updated. I think the real advantage is supposed to be the Dreaded and Bizarre bonuses, but if you already have pets that increase one or the other, that’s not terribly useful. Most people just get one for the novelty value, to be honest. (The clothes-colony has actual use, though…)

Yeah, it is good for the Dreaded/Bizarre.

Not counting fate locked or special event items it is the best at that.

Would need to spend 400 Echoes, have one of the rare pets and a connected pet to have the equivalent.

I did wonder what purpose the Unfinished Hat served, but that makes a lot of sense, Endy.

yeah, I think we’ve all gotten spoiled :)

Thanks folks - Ah well. I already have Dreaded and Bizarre pets (and a clothes-colony, too :) )but the E100 is not fatal, so doubtless all shall be well.

It did get missed out in the improvement, along with a few other things here and there (Myriad Keys, for example). I was briefly aggrieved before remembering that I had better options for Dangerous anyway, so it didn’t really affect me.