Using up a Pocketful of Loose Change

I’m currently looking forward to taking my very first voyage to Zee![li]

However I notice you lose all progress qualities when you leave. I have a Pocketful of Loose Change at 20+ and even though I’ve bought a few Marks of credit it hasn’t really gone down.

Is there anything that can be done to cash in the quality as it were before I head off a-zailing?

A Pocketful of Loose Change isn’t counted among the Progress qualities lost when you embark out to Zee: It’s just stuff like Investigating, Casing, Fascinating and Dramatic Tension.

Ah, wonderful news, thankyou!

(…of course I don’t feel at all foolish for spending hours trying to find a way to use it up.)

To Zee!

Is there any use for Pocketful of Loose Change? I gain far more throughout the Counting the Days loop than I would ever be able to spend for Marks of Credit, so I’m just accumulating more and more of this quality.

Not currently.