Using Omens

Other than using omens to increase my abilities with SoTC, are there any good uses? I’ve managed to max out SoTC, but I don’t want to just discard it after how much I’d searched for the card after the last few months.

There’s already a short thread (link) on this subject. :)

I think I used my last card for the Cave of Nadir, boosting my chance to get a Searing Enigma from 15% to… 16%!!! (I got two that time, so who knows? Maybe it really mattered?)

You want to do something with a mood that isn’t just a minor boost to one hard stat check - that’s what the &quotperhaps not&quot option & second-chances are for.

Using +30 watchful to make the 2/3 supplies options on the higher level expeditions more likely is a good move - you really want near-certain on that when you have an annoying opponent.

When stat capped, and in possession of a lot of Someone is coming quality, you can make the most of ‘cool as ice’ by going to Spite and robbing a &quotfurious and incoherent drunken rat&quot.

I can get 282 shadowy with a mood (base 200 + good shadowy boosting equipment), which means 141 surface currency per action, which is 4.2 echoes per turn!

This eats up someone is coming sadly, so you can’t keep doing it, but I find that slowly builds up over time if you play all the conflict cards to keep connections up.

The mood boost ain’t huge, but it’s +23 higher than the next best shadowy headgear, which I think works out at +11.5ppa more than you would otherwise get. Since you can repeatedly pick on that poor rat, using all 40 turns as an a exceptional friend (plus whatever else refreshes before mood wears off) makes the mood card worth at least 5 echoes.

Also, robbing the rat has a rare chance of giving you a Ratwork Watch, which is the best non-profession watchful weapon you can get, or 230 echoes if you already have one, so potentially a nice pay-off.
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