User Style: Cave of the Nadir Protector [Pending]

I made this little user style to ease my fears of a misclick resulting in my inadvertently selling the secret of the Cave. It simply hides the &quotGo&quot buttons from those options.

Get it at

Installation requires the Stylish browser extension, which is kind of like GreaseMonkey but for CSS. If you don’t already have it, a link will be provided on the style’s page.

With Stylish installed, just click the big green link with the + button to install Nadir Protector. You can quickly disable it within Stylish if you want to sell your plant, or delete the style if you don’t like the changes it makes.

Stylish is a browser extension which allows you to add custom CSS to sites you visit. Nadir Protector is not a script, but a small CSS patch which applies the display:none attribute to certain parts of Fallen London. It will not play the game on your behalf or send any sort of information to anybody, all it does is modify what you see in your browser.

Please do not report missing &quotGo&quot buttons as a bug to FBG if you use this. If you do see errors, particularly display errors, confirm they persist with the style disabled before reporting them to FBG. If the error is on my end, report it here or to me via private message. You use the extension at your own risk. The style may stop working or behave strangely in the event FBG makes a change to their code base.

Thanks to Corran, whose AotB highlighters I raided for inspiration.

This extension to Fallen London is not currently on the whitelist of approved extensions. According to the ToS, &quotFailbetter Games may suspend the accounts of any users it deems to be engaging in malicious or inappropriate conduct. Such conduct includes but is not limited to…unauthorised use of automation or scripting to interact with the site&quot
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That’s a great idea! Now all we need is something to protect us from accidentally swapping sides in the Affair of the Box carousel.

I’ve never actually done the AotB. Corran’s best-option highlighter would probably be a good start, but a protector like this will have to either be done by someone else or wait until it catches my interest. Anybody is welcome to use this as a template.

Great, thank you.
How about an option to disable &quotGet rid of it&quot on the cards for your singular plant?
Especially for, and ?

Do you have a link for Corran’s best-option highlighter? I’m too stupid to find it by myself, sorry.

Oh, great idea! My plant isn’t big enough to get those cards yet, but I’ll start something when I get back to London, and either add in the later ones when I get to them or set up a thread to crowd-source the storylet ids or something.

Corran’s relevant styles are at:

(Their name in the notes on the Nadir style is also a link to their profile with a list of all their styles, and I always find them showing up in the sidebar on the left when I look at my own styles.)

[quote=Ysrthgrathe]Great, thank you.
How about an option to disable &quotGet rid of it&quot on the cards for your singular plant?[/quote]

I did that TWICE and while this wouldn’t save me permanently since I do a lot of playing on my phone or tablet, it would still be AMAZING.

It looks like Stylish is available for some mobile browsers. I haven’t tried it myself, but you could look into it.

Wish I’d had that when I accidentally sold the location to Hell. And I really, really hate the devils.

I’ve been searching for these for weeks. They are so hard to find, buried in the middle of this page.
They really need their own thread, and submission for the whitelist so they can get in that directory
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