Use "Perhaps Not" on a failed second chanced card

Is it possible to use this trick to repeat an option on a card in case you fail? I finally got an unsigned message to become a Crooked-Cross, used a confident smile to keep safe, but failed on the first try.

Thank you.

Yes. Each “perhaps not” cost 1 action, but you already knew that.
But it only works for options that are directly on the card. If you do anything that moves from the card and then back again (talking to amanuensis, for example), the card is actually already gone from your hand, so you wouldn’t be able to get back to it. But for most cards (nadir!), you can safely perhaps-not-out and burn second chances until you succeed.

Thanks a lot! I finally got the success.

[quote=xKiv]Yes. Each &quotperhaps not&quot cost 1 action, but you already knew that.[/quote]I didn’t know that. Are you telling me that each time I fail with an option that costs 8 Actions I could just go back and make another attempt and only lose 1 Action instead of 8 Actions? Or were you only considering options that cost 1 Action?

You’d lose 8 actions each time. And only works on cards that have the second chance option … some don’t.

Well … yeah. I learned that it costs as much as the option normally costs when I tried it on the overgoat card.
And, obviously, only highway stat challenges have second chance options. Luck challenges don’t, BDR challenges don’t, MW challenges don’t, etc …